Friday, January 20, 2017

Mistaken Identity

Hello All:
It's Friday which means that at some point this afternoon you will enter the door of your house and sigh a relief that the weekend is finally here. Wouldn't it be horrible if a situation like today's new story awaited you?
Have a great weekend!

Mistaken Identity

It was a Friday afternoon as George walked in to his house after a long day—and a long week—of work. His wife, Beth, sat on the sofa and watched TV while waiting for him. "Hi honey!" she greeted upon seeing George. "How was your day?"
"Oh it wasn't bad." answered George. "Not bad for Friday."
Just then, their four-year-old daughter, Angela rushed in the room. "Daddy!" she exclaimed. "You're home!" She ran up to Father and was immediately scooped up to be hugged.
"That's right; I'm home. So were you good today?"
"Yeah..." answered Angela
"Well I don't know..." teased Father "Maybe I should ask Mommy." George looked over to his wife, Beth, “What do you say Mommy? Was Angela good today?"
"Oh, yes. She was very good today."
"Well then I will let you pick where we go for dinner tonight." promised George to his daughter. "Where would you like to go?"
"McDonald's! excitedly answered Angela.
Just then, the telephone rang. With Angela still in his arms, George walked over to the phone. "This is probably one of those annoying telemarketers." he griped before picking up the receiver. "Hello?"
A cold voice on the other end simply asked, "So what's up?"
"Excuse me?” answered George.
"Never mind that!" the cold voice warned. "What's going on? And where are you supposed to be?"
"Who is this?” challenged George.
"You know damned well who I am!" snapped the caller. "If you want to play that game, then this is your parole officer."
"Parole officer?" repeated George with a forced giggle. "I'm afraid you have the wrong number."
"No, I’m pretty sure I’ve got the right person. We are getting a signal located near 1634 Virginia Avenue. And this system is very accurate. And like I said, I'm pretty sure it's you I'm talking to.”
"Look!" began George. "There is clearly a mistake here, and it sounds like you are looking for someone on house arrest and that he supposed to be home. It sounds like his whereabouts have been traced near my home. I can reassure you that I am not your criminal. But now that I think of about it, I hope that he is not hiding in my house, somewhere."
The caller interrupted, "Well is this George Ludwig?"
George was taken aback and hesitated. "That is my name.”
"How ironic!" answered the caller in a sarcastic tone. "Tell you what: don't go anywhere. You stay right where you are, and I will have the police there very shortly to come get you."
George had no idea what to think. A parole officer was clearly looking for a convict who apparently violated the terms of his house arrest and was now being traced near George's home. Maybe he cut the bracelet and dumped it nearby. Or worse, maybe this convict was physically hiding in George's house. But so ironic; this convict had the same name as George. Whatever the explanation, it was probably best for the police to come and investigate. "Sure..." cautiously agreed George. "Let the police come here and get things clarified. I don't know why your convict is being traced to my address. Have them come quickly to investigate and make sure he is not hiding in my home somewhere."
"I'll do that!" reassured the caller in a nearly threatening tone. He obviously did not believe George's story. "And don't go anywhere!" he ordered before hanging up.
"What was that about?" asked Beth.
George explained as best as he understood. Apparently there was some confusion, thanks to a convict on house arrest who had violated the terms of his arrest. He was now being traced to their home. And in a bizarre twist of coincidence, George had the same name as the convict. "But don't worry." reassured George. "As soon as the police get here, they will see that I am not this person. Then they will make sure that our house is safe and that he is not hiding here. Maybe this person cut his bracelet and left it in the front lawn near the bushes.
"Are you going to jail, Daddy?" asked little Angela.
"No, Sweetie." answered George. "The police are just coming here to make sure we are okay."
Five minutes later there was a startling rap at the door. "Police! Open up!”
George rushed over and opened the door. What faced him were four police officers with guns drawn and pointed at George.
"Get on the ground!" one of them ordered. "On the ground!"
Shocked and confused George did as ordered. The officers stormed into the house and immediately placed handcuffs over George who laid face first on the floor.
From the family room, little Angela started to cry and rushed over to Mommy for comfort and safety.
"What's going on?" nervously asked Beth.
"Ma'am, just sit tight." answered one of the officers.
Little Angela continued to cry while hugging her mother. What no one understood in that moment was that George had an unknown distant cousin with the same name who was on house arrest to finish a prison sentence for auto theft. He violated the terms of his house arrest and was now at 1634 Virginia Avenue. And as luck would have it, both men strongly resembled one another in appearance. Of course the police believed that the George in handcuffs was the wanted man.
Angela watched in horror as the police dragged her Daddy out the door to the police car. He was on his way to jail.

The End!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Read the Fine Print!

Hello All:
Over the Christmas holiday I received two bottles of what I would describe as jumbo bottles of wine. You’ve probably seen them on display at one time or another at an Italian restaurant. I'm not sure what their actual size was, but I would estimate them to be approximately a gallon each.
And so from the night of Christmas until the end of this weekend, I finished off both bottles of wine—resting some days in between. As I finished the final drop of wine from the second bottle on Sunday evening, I set my glass down and declared, “Both bottles have officially been finished off.”
How do I feel about this accomplishment?
I'm quite proud, actually. And it was nice to have nearly a nearly inexhaustible supply of wine throughout the holiday. I never had to worry about running out. But I am sad now that my holiday wine is gone. That's okay, this weekend I will be sure to run to the store and pick up more for myself.
Today's brand new short story is a reminder to always read the fine print before entering a deal with a stranger.
Read the Fine Print!
Bonnie and Lori have been best friends for years. They met shortly after college at their new jobs, and have been very close ever since. It isn't uncommon for them to meet after work on a Friday night at some lounge or restaurant for a few drinks and maybe dinner. This is what they did on a recent Friday night. They met at the upscale Tollway Nightclub located a few blocks away from where they work.
Usually Bonnie enjoys a few shots of liquor before dinner, followed by a few more glasses of wine after her meal. Tonight she enjoyed a red zinfandel—her third glass—after finishing off a large appetizer platter with her best, Lori. By now, she was extremely buzzed and nearly drunk. It was then that seemingly out of nowhere a young man approached the table where Bonnie and Lori enjoyed there after dinner drinks.
Bonnie was certainly uninhibited at that moment from all the alcohol that she had consumed. And she initially believed that the young man had come over to hit on her. So she was sure to invitingly smile at him with a hint of seduction.
But what was this?
It almost seemed like the young man was nothing more than a salesperson that was there to sell something. “Excuse me, ma'am…” begin the young man. “I was wondering if you would be interested in earning $100 this evening by participating in an experiment.”
“An experiment???” nearly shouted half-drunken Bonnie with excitement. It was followed by a giggle. “What sort of experiment do you have in mind with me?”
The young man remained professional while pointing out, “Well, by the looks of you I can see that you have had plenty to drink.”
Bonnie’s friend, Lori, interrupted by laughing out loud. “Oh yes, she has had plenty to drink!”
“Well that's good.” calmly answered the young man. “She would be perfect for the experiment.”
“And what's the experiment?” quickly asked Bonnie with a beaming smile.
“Well we would like to measure the chemical reaction of alcohol against chemicals processed in your body. It's a very easy process, and you won't have to worry about a thing. And let me remind you that you will be earning $100 for participating. Plus it only takes about 15 minutes. You have nothing to lose. What do you say; are you in?”
Bonnie shrugged her shoulders, “Sure, why not?”
“Very good!” exclaimed the young man. “Your friend can wait here while we go to the room where the experiment is set up.”
It was then that Bonnie felt a bit uneasy with the arrangement. She realized that in a nearly drunken state she was leaving her friend to go to a private and isolated place with the stranger. How safe would that be? But the young man wasn't bad looking at all. If he did try to take advantage of Bonnie, she would surely enjoy it. And it had been a long time since Bonnie got lucky—about six weeks since her last time.
And so Bonnie stepped away from the table and left her friend, Lori, alone. She followed the young man to the elevator and rode it down to the basement where she continued to follow him through a hallway, and into what appeared to be a workshop with small table at the center. “Please take a seat.” invited the young man. “By the way, my name is Bob.” He stuck out his hand in a motion to shake.
Bonnie accepted Bob’s handshake. “Nice to meet, Bob. I am Bonnie.”
Both sat down at the table. The young man, Bob, opened notebook and removed a sheet of paper. It was actually an agreement for Bonnie to sign so she could participate in the experiment. “This just spells out the details of how our experiment we will measure the chemical reactions in your body as you process alcohol.” explained Bob. “Like said before, in exchange you will receive $100 for participating.”
Bonnie was actually feeling quite drunk at that moment. She laughed hysterically before commenting; “Now I need to sign a contract with you?” Throwing all caution to the wind, she merely shrugged her shoulders; grabbed the pen located on the table, and boldly signed her name. It was then that a door opened from the opposite side of the room. In walked an older man who wore a lab coat with gloves. He pushed in front of him a cart with a glass tank seated on top. The older man looked to be like some sort of scientist.
“What's that?” asked Bonnie, now feeling a bit apprehensive with the new presence of the older man who had a glass tank.
“Try to relax…” reassured the older man. Everything will be ok.”
In her near-drunken state, Bonnie didn’t notice that the younger man, Bob, had stood up from his seat and walked to an area behind her. As the older man opened the lid on the tank, Bonnie grew all the more apprehensive. She was about to stand up and walk out. But then a pair of arms reached from behind and held Bonnie down. The arms were Bob’s, and they proceeded to wrap rope around her and the chair in means to tie her in place.
“What the hell are you doing? demanded Bonnie. “Let me go!” By now, she was firmly tied into the chair and there was no way to escape.
“Try not to worry.” urged Bob. “It looks like you are getting a bit nervous. The agreement you signed with us states that if needed, restraints will be used on you during the experiment.”
“What???? No!!!” cried out Bonnie. “Let me out of here!”
Bob walked around and sat down in the seat across from Bonnie. “But it was stated in the contract that you would not be released, no matter how much you begged. It’s written, here, in the fine print.” Bob held up the contract to show Bonnie.
“Unbelievable…” complained Bonnie. “This is not right.” She looked over to the older man who now picked up from the inside of the glass tank what appeared to be a rattlesnake. Bonnie wanted no part of a snake!  “No!!!” she screamed. “I don’t want to do something if it involves a snake!”
“Sorry…” rejected the older man wearing gloves with snake in hand. “A deal is a deal. You receive $100 for participating in our experiment. You signed a contract and there is no way out.” He positioned the rattlesnake by its neck and replaced its fangs against a milking glass. Immediately, venom poured in.
By now, Bonnie was turning ill at the sight of a mean rattlesnake dripping sickly venom into the glass. “What are you going to do with that?” she demanded.
The older man in lab coat did not answer. He simply set the rattlesnake back in the tank and quickly shut the lid. Then he removed a hypodermic needle from his side pocket and placed it in the venom at the bottom of the glass.
“Tell me you are not going to inject me with that!” cried Bonnie.
But the old man said not a word as the snake venom was drawn into the shot.
“Please stop!” pleaded Bonnie. “I don’t want to do this!”
“It will be okay…” reassured Bob. “And there’s no backing out. It's spelled out in the contract under the fine print. We will be injecting you with a small dose of snake venom to see how your body reacts under a near inebriated state.
The older man in lab coat approached Bonnie as she let out bloodcurdling screams. In horror she watched as the needle stuck into her arm.
Now what?
The End!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Review of the Ouija Table App

Hello All:
It’s Friday, and we are going to provide our first review of an app for the year.
I've mentioned recently that I purchased a new phone over the holidays. Not really a Christmas present; it's really a nice one which allows taking 360 photos and viewing them later in virtual reality.
But enough of that. If you've been following the blog long enough, then you know that from time to time we discuss the paranormal and the occult. And it isn't uncommon to discuss Ouija boards or spirit boxes. On my last phone I had an excellent Ouija board app. I won't tell you which one it was because it worked very well and I don't want to dissuade anyone from using this particular one. But I had to uninstall it in my new phone because there was no way to close the app. The only way I could do it was open one of the ad links located at the bottom of the screen. I wondered if app creator updated the Ouija board to do this to help increase any ad sales earnings which wouldn't be a nice thing. So, with the new inconvenience, it was necessary for me to look for a new Ouija board app. And I found one. And this one is really cool!
Review of the Ouija Table App
Ouija boards are a highly controversial item. Many people believe that a Ouija board is evil; opens doorways to allow malevolent spirits to enter one's life. And this is true, of course, if one is not careful. You need to know how to play safely with Ouija boards. Let me reassure you that I've been using my Ouija app for a couple of years, and nothing bad has happened to me. It's actually been a useful tool; revealed all sorts of information. But again, you need to be safe.
The other controversy that exists with Ouija boards is the fact that the user(s) move the plachette with their own hands which introduces the possibility of user biasing. Another words, one or two users decide that the Ouija boards plachette should move to a certain series of letters and provide the answer. So it's almost as-if the user(s) know what the Ouija board should say while waiting for a question. This explanation completely dispels the classic theory of a nearby spirit influencing the outcome of the Ouija board.
The earlier generation of Ouija board apps were based on the operating principal of the classic Ouija board. They offered a virtual board with letters, numbers, yes/no; and a movable plachette that was controlled by the user's finger. But now there is a new generation of Ouija board apps available that no longer gives the user control of the plachette. You see; today's Androids, smart phones, iPhones, etc have internal sensors such as compasses and antennae which can be influenced by external EMF. The makers of second generation Ouija board apps take advantage of these sensors to affect the movement of the plachette. In theory, a nearby ghost or spirit can now influence the internal sensors of the user's phone with its own energy to control the movement of the plachette and spell out words.
As for the Ouija Table app; it includes a highly-sophisticated algorithm that doesn't immediately grab letters as it picks up surrounding EMF. When started, the plachette will aimlessly float around the board. It may do this for a couple of minutes while waiting to receive something significant from the surrounding energy. I'll admit, when first trying out the Ouija Table, I watched as the plachette did this and thought, "Is this all it does?"
But then, suddenly, the phone buzzed in my hands--a warning that a message had been picked up and that I should pay attention. That's when the plachette would stop on letters and actually spell out words which were displayed on the bottom of the screen.
There is a maximum of three to four words used to create a phrase. The phrase is then stored in an archive to look at later. Have you ever had a session with the Ouija board in which you moved the plachette around and recognized certain words, but then forgot what it said some moments later? This will no longer happen with the Ouija Table because every message is stored.
I am sharing with you a screenshot from my own archive to see what I'm talking about. Now keep in mind that I have yet to do a serious Ouija session to learn any significant information. I was simply test driving the app and familiarizing myself with it. Take a look at the messages in my archive; messages such as, "Search sad Samantha... pose sofa happy..." I have no idea who Samantha is or why she is sad. And I have no reason or inclination to search for a sad Samantha. I think when I was at home in my family room there was Wi-Fi in the air and the TV was on. There was all sorts of electromagnetic energy flowing in the room at that moment. I'm sure that this will affect the outcome of the Ouija Table. One would probably be better going into a quite environment such as a basement or--perhaps--in the forest to be away from intrusive, man-made EMF.
So what do I think of the OuijaTable?
I give the app five stars! TheOuija Table is an answer to the scientific debunking of the user controlling the plachette on a classic Ouija board. It challenges this debunking by removing user intervention and taking advantage of surrounding EMF. Like said before, the plachette is no longer controlled by the user. It is controlled by EMF which has been proven by paranormal investigators to be highly-present in haunted environments.

But be patient. Like said before, when initially starting the Ouija Table; the plachette will aimlessly float around the board. It might take a couple of minutes before the app registers a strong presence of EMF to be decoded by the algorithm as a message for you.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

One Hundred Percent Alive and in the Flesh

Hello All:
Today's new story could be something one might expect from the 1960s TV show, One Step Beyond. You've seen it, I'm sure. It plays out unexplained phenomenon, much of it eerie.
That's what we have for you today.
One Hundred Percent Alive and in the Flesh
Bob drove home from work on a Thursday afternoon in his Dodge Durango with customized plate that read "IAMBOB". It's important to know this information as you will soon find out.
It takes Bob about 30 minutes to drive home from work, most of it highway driving. And on that Thursday, there wasn't anything unusual for his ride home from work. Traffic was fairly light, and there were no incidents along the shoulders of the road. Bob reached the exit ramp to the main road in town where he lived. And like most days, it didn't take long for him to reach the entryway of his subdivision, then to Cherry Street where his house is located. Here he pulled into his driveway. Again, it was a very uneventful and mostly boring ride home for Bob, and I'm sure the reader will agree at this point.
But what was this?
Bob was startled to see his wife, Susan, racing out of the house, sobbing, with arms extended outward. Bob quickly exited his vehicle and demanded, "What happened? Is everything okay?"
"The police said that you had been killed!" cried Bob's wife.
"What???" exclaimed Bob.
"Yes...!" continued Susan. "The State Police phoned just 15 minutes ago and said that you were in a car accident and didn't survive!"
"Oh my gosh; that's horrible!" returned Bob while quickly hugging his wife. "Well you can definitely see that it's not true. I am 100% alive and in the flesh. But it looks like the State Police made a terrible mistake. They were obviously supposed to call another family and notify them that whoever they mistook me for had been killed in the car crash."
By then Bob's children, Michael and Sara, rushed out of the house in excitement:
"Dad your home!"
"It's not true!"
"Yes!” quickly reassured Bob. "It was a terrible mistake that the police made. As you can see I am alive and well. But we need to get to the bottom of this. Once I get in the house I'm going to telephone the police and inform them of their terrible mistake. I feel sorry for the poor family that is going to receive such bad news tonight."
And so Bob, his wife, and kids went back into the house where Bob reached for the telephone located in the family room. He wasn't sure what number to call, so he simply pressed 911. As far as he was concerned, this was an emergency. Important information hadn't been given to the proper family.
"911, what's your emergency?" greeted the dispatcher.
"Yes...” began Bob. "...The police called about 15 minutes ago and informed my wife I had been killed in a car crash. But, obviously, that's not true because here I am talking to you."
"Oh no!” exclaimed the 911 operator. "I apologize for the mix-up. Do you know which police jurisdiction called?"
"It would have been the State Police." answered Bob.
"Okay, let me transfer your call to the State Police investigations department so that you can clarify everything."
"Thank you!"
And so Bob spent the next few minutes on the phone with the State Police investigations department as they attempted to establish which accident Bob had been wrongfully paired with. It was confusing for the police because they had a Bob White of 1422 Cherry Street on their most-recent record. Furthermore, they had just received and impounded a Dodge Durango with customized plate, "IAMBOB".
"But that's impossible!" insisted Bob. I am 100% alive and well, standing here and talking to you. And my Dodge Durango is parked out in the driveway without a scratch.”
"Yes I understand that." acknowledged the onsite investigations officer. But we need to get to the bottom of this. Perhaps you could come in with your wife and confirm that the body we have in the morgue does not belong to you, as well as the vehicle that was involved crash."
"I'd be more than happy to" answered Bob.
Twenty minutes later, Bob and his wife, Susan, arrived at the State Police facility in their jurisdiction. It's located right off the highway. They entered the main entrance and approached the front desk. "Hi, I need to speak with someone from the investigations department?" asked Bob.
Well once I buzz you through the main door, immediately turn left and it's your last door on the right."
Bob and Susan were buzzed in where they made an immediate left down the hallway to the investigations department. It was here where Bob was asked for his state driver's license which immediately alarmed the onsite officer. You see, only a few minutes ago he placed the exact, same driver's license in a file which had supposedly been taken from the person who was killed in the car crash. The officer gave Bob a queer look. "Is there a problem" Bob asked.
"Well, I guess just follow me into the back office." answered the officer. "We'll first visit the impounding garage.”
Bob and Susan were led some distance to the garage where they were horrified to see Bob's Dodge Durango with customized license plate that read, "IAMBOB" The vehicle was now a smashed, mangled-up heap of junk.
"Oh my goodness!” exclaimed Susan.
"What the...?" Bob added.
The officer then informed, "Sir, you are going to have to wait out here while your wife accompanies me in the morgue to identify the body. This is just proper procedure."
"Body???" nearly shouted Bob. "But I'm 100% alive and in the flesh."
"I understand that, Sir." answered the onsite officer. "Like I said, I am just following procedure.
Susan followed the officer into the morgue where a covered body lay on what looked to be an autopsy table. "I'm going to warn you...” began the officer.  "...this might be a bit gruesome."
"Okay, I will keep that in mind." answered Susan.
The officer pulled back the sheet from the body's head.
Susan was immediately startled. You see, it was definitely Bob's face with some cuts and bruising."I... I... I just don't understand..." she told the officer. "That is my husband lying on the table, but he's standing out there in the other room."
There was no logical explanation for the strange phenomenon that took place that Thursday afternoon. No, Bob was not a ghost; he was100% alive and in the flesh. But how could his body also be lying in the morgue? And how could his mangled up vehicle now be sitting in the impounding garage while—at the same time—it sat in the parking lot of the State Police facility without a ding or scratch?

The End!

Friday, January 6, 2017

The Man in the Closet

Hello All:
The other day I was thinking about all the thigs that closets represent to us. In it's basic form, a closet is a place to store things away from sight. We keep our clothes in the closet or simply boxes full of items to be rummaged through on a later date.
But when we are children, we develop a fear of the closet and imagine some sort of monster or ghost behind the door late at night. And when we are older, the closet represents a place to hide the dark facets of our subconscious. We can hide our darker activities in the closet, away from the eyes of other people.
Today's featured writing is about a man in the closet. What could that be all about?
Have a great weekend!
The Man in the Closet
Jill's one of those girls with an older boyfriend who Mother and Father certainly wouldn’t approve of.  Jill likes to have sex with this older boyfriend, Frank, on a regular basis. But there's a little problem with this, especially when living at home with Mother and Father. They certainly wouldn’t let this man come over late at night to have sex with their young daughter! In fact, Mother and Father are clueless of this older boyfriend of Jill's. So the only alternative is for Frank, to sneak through Jill's bedroom window late at night where he takes off his clothes and slips into bed with his younger girl friend.
It wasn't such a bad deal. It's what he did mostly every Saturday night. And on this particular Saturday night around 3 am, which could actually be considered early Sunday morning; Frank and Jill were in bed and really getting it on. Suddenly, a noise could be heard from Mother and Father's bedroom. It was Father grumbling something. That's when Jill put her hands up and whispered, "Shhh... I think my parents hear us. I think we are making too much noise."
"What?" nervously whispered Frank in return. Of course he was worried. He didn't want Jill's parents to discover him and ruin a good thing. He quickly and carefully got out of Jill’s bed as if not to make too much noise while looking around in a panic. "Do you think they're going to come in here?" he whispered again.
"I don't know..." whispered Jill in return while quickly getting out of bed herself. Her eyes were certainly adjusted to the dark, and could see Frank's clothes lying on the floor near the window. She quickly kicked them under the bed as Frank looked around for a place to hide. If in the event that Mother or Father entered the room and turned the lights on, Jill could not have a man's clothes laying in sight.
Instinctively, Frank reached for the closet door. That’s when Jill nodded and carefully opened the door to let Frank get in. It would be the perfect hiding place. Frank did just this and Jill quickly slipped back under the covers. If Father or Mother entered the room to see what was going on, they would see Jill laying there, sleeping.
Jill listened as Father got out of bed, walked through the hallway and into the kitchen. It sounded like he was getting a drink of water. Maybe that's all it was. Maybe Father was simply having another one of his late-night cough attacks and simply needed a drink of water for relief before going back to sleep. It brought a sense of comfort for Jill, knowing that her parents wouldn't come into the bedroom to see what she was doing. She would lay there in the dark and wait for the sound of Father to get back to bed. Then she would invite Frank out of the closet to continue where they left off.
While lying there, Jill had a flashback of when she was younger and began to develop her sexual interests. She was quite young in those days and hadn't even touched a guy, much less kissed one. In those days she would play a peculiar game in the dark that was actually a carryover from her young childhood, a time when she feared that perhaps there was a scary man hiding in her closet and waiting to jump out. But older with an interest in the opposite sex, she reached for this childhood monster and used imagination to turn the scary man into a strong, handsome man who waited to enter the room and slip into bed with her. Jill would lay there under the covers in the dark, completely naked while touching herself. At a young age she enjoyed masturbating and would do so with the anticipation of the handsome, strong man in her bedroom closet to finally come and take her. As the orgasm increased in intensity, her imagination grew all the more wild. It was as-if she could literally conjure up the handsome, strong man in her closet. She could sense him waiting on the other side of the door, waiting for the perfect moment to enter the bedroom and jump into bed with Jill. Nearing the climax of her orgasm, Jill would realize that it was just an intense fantasy and that the handsome, strong man would not really come into the bedroom. The solution was to further imagine him opening the closet door, walking through and looking upon Jill in the dark. At that very moment, Jill smiled so inviting and seductively. She pulled the covers back and the man from the closet would finally lie on top of her to ravish her body. It didn't take long for Jill to climax.
This is what Jill remembered while waiting for Father to get back to his room after his late night drink of water. Bored, she began to relive her fantasy of younger years, Jill began to touch herself while reminding herself that the imaginary, handsome, strong man of all those times was waiting in the bedroom closet to come out. She continued to masturbate for a couple of minutes and then whispered out, "Okay you can come in, now. It's safe and I'm ready for you."
The closet door carefully opened and in that moment Jill wasn't sure as to who would emerge. Would it be her older boyfriend who Mother and Father certainly wouldn't approve of? Or would it be the handsome, strong man of younger years who would regularly enter through the bedroom closet to make love to Jill as she lay naked in bed. Jill closed her eyes and pulled the covers back while seductively smiling in the dark. She could wait to feel a man's naked body lay on top of her.

The End!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Holiday Vacation

Hello All:
In some parts of the country, kids are still on their holiday vacation--or Christmas break as we traditionally call it in America. My kids are still home. As for me, I actually took a couple of weeks off towards the end of December and didn't return to work until the third of January. It was a very nice and much-deserved time off!
Not actually received as a Christmas present; I got a nice, new phone for myself over the holidays that includes the ability to take 360 VR images to be viewed on a VR headset when needed. I spent plenty of time in the woods during my vacation, visiting all my favorite places and taking 360 photos. I really had in mind to share these 360 photos with you on my blog, but Blogger doesn't have a tool for 360 viewing.
Oh, but there has to be something! Surely they have a widget that I can easily install so that readers like you can enjoy my VR worlds. I'll  have to look into it.
If you're kids are still home for the holidays, hopefully you don't put them through the torment that the main character, Daryl, had endure on his Christmas break. I'll let you read all about it in today's brand, new story.
Holiday Vacation
It was the day after Christmas about mid morning, just before lunch, as Daryl sat in the recreation room of his basement, playing with his new X-box. Daryl was a sophomore in high school and could be considered a very hard working kid. He takes all honors AP classes and works extremely hard to earn A's in all his classes. It isn't easy. It's a very stressful life for Daryl. In many cases he believes that he'll fall behind in his studies and earn a B in his class which is definitely what Daryl doesn't want. But he worked hard this past semester in school, and it was Christmas break; time for Daryl to relax, unwind, and catch his breath before returning to second semester after the New Year.
Really this was the first moment that Daryl had a chance to play with his X-box since unwrapping the gift on Christmas morning. You see, both he and his sister, Dawn, had to quickly unwrap their gifts on Christmas morning before going to church; after which the family immediately went to Grandmother's house to be with the family throughout the day. By the time Daryl returned home that night it was close to midnight. Oh he wanted to go into the recreation room at that time and hook up his X-box. But Father wouldn't have it. It was too late at night. Tomorrow was another day Daryl was very tired, anyway. He went right to bed and dreamed of when he would finally hook up the X-box and play to his heart's content. It's what he deserved for being such a hard working kid.
By 11:30 that morning on December 26th, Daryl had only played with his X-box for a little over an hour. He was just beginning to enjoy it, had it fully connected to the TV with controls working. It was then that he heard Father calling from the family room.
"Daryl...? Daryl...?"
"Yes Father!" nervously answered Daryl.
"Where are you?"
"I'm in the basement!" This of course, meant he was in the recreation room.
"What are you doing?" further probed Father.
"I'm playing with my X-box."
"That's enough of that, Boy!" declared Father. "You've played enough of that. Why don't you come upstairs and spend some time with your family. That's what the holidays are about.”
Daryl sighed out of disgust and dropped the controller on the sofa. By then he was feeling a bit of outraged that he couldn’t have the simple pleasure of enjoying his Christmas present. Father was always controlling his life; dictating when it was time to work, play, what his career choice would be. As for his career choice: according to Father, Daryl was to become a nuclear physicist—of all things. And Daryl didn't want to do this, of course. But for some reason Father thought that it would be a wise choice for a career. He read some article in a science magazine that reported that future careers as nuclear physicists would be booming in upcoming years; but it would require extremely intelligent, bright, young minds. And of course, Daryl was the perfect candidate for this in Father's eyes.
Daryl softly stamped his way up the stairs in further disgust and outrage. He did so, softly, to prevent Father from hearing. Had Father heard such a display of contempt and resentment, there would be punishment. Father might have taken the X-box away from Daryl. In extreme cases, Father might have even hit him.
Daryl finally made it into the family room where Father, Mother and his sister, Dawn, sat together. Dawn was sitting in a recliner chair and reading one of her new novels she had received for Christmas. Perhaps if Daryl hooked the X-box up in the family room, he would be able to enjoy it the same way that Dawn was able to enjoy her novel.
"Come sit down with us in here, Boy." invited Father.
Daryl wasn't happy but did his best to hide it. Reluctantly he sat down in an empty seat.
"I don't like it when you play those video games too much, Son." informed Father.
"But, Dad, I was only playing it for an hour." argued Daryl.
"I understand that." answered Father. "But that's plenty of time for you to play. Like I said before, the holidays are for family and to spend time with them. We are all in this room together and enjoying one another's company. That's the way it should be. Don't you agree?"
Feeling he had no choice, Daryl nodded in affirmation. "Yes..." But then he suggested, "Well, if I bring my new X-box upstairs and hook it up to the TV in the family room, can I play it up here?"
Father rejected the proposal. "No, I'm sorry. It doesn't work that way. I won't have you being one of those kids who play their video games 24 hours a day. You need regulated amounts of time on that thing. But forget about your video games for now. Let's talk about other things. Let's talk about school. Do you have any thoughts on how your first semester of sophomore year ended up?"
Daryl shrugged his shoulders, "Well I got all A's."
"This is true." acknowledged Father. "But you know, Son, it was necessary for you to drop all of your extracurricular activities so that you could concentrate on your studies. It almost looked like you were struggling to earn these A's. When I was your age I took all of these classes and they were child's play for me. I took the same classes you did and I played cricket, I was in theater, I was in the Student Council, and I had time to be with my friends. School was just something to do; do the homework and prepare for the classes and ace them all. But look what you had to do. You had to drop all of your extracurricular activities so that you could focus on studying for your classes. You stayed in your room to study for six to eight hours a night to get your homework done. Now what's wrong with you, Boy?"
Daryl nervously shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know... I guess sometimes the classes are little too difficult for me."
"Too difficult for you?" repeated Father. "It shouldn't be. You are a very smart kid. The problem with you is that I think you don't believe in yourself enough. That's very important when taking these classes. You need to be that way. What's your hardest class right now that will carry into the next semester?"
"Laplace Transform... " answered Daryl. There were only four people in the school taking the class because it was terribly challenging. Most people have never even heard of Laplace Transform. Most people think that the highest math is Calculus. But Daryl had already taken Calculus One and Calculus Two. Now he was taking Laplace Transform so that he could become a nuclear physicist for Father.
"Why is Laplace Transform such a difficult class for you? asked Father.
"Well I can do the work." explained Daryl. "I just have trouble at first understanding, and it takes many hours of work to make it happen."
"Understood." acknowledged father. "But I envision you next semester not struggling so hard to pass this class. What do you say? Do you think you can do it?"
Daryl shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know... I guess..."
"What do you mean you don't know, Boy?" challenged Father. "That's the sort of attitude right there that is preventing you from acing your classes with no problem. Like I said before, you need to believe in yourself. I mean you don’t have any gumption or drive to you. That's something I had when your age. If something started to get challenging for me, I simply reminded myself that everything in life is relative, and I could easily overcome whatever obstacle was in my way. It was amazing. I just did it. I couldn't get over how easy it was. And that's how you need to be."
Daryl remained silent.
It was then that Father asked, "Did you bring your Laplace Transform textbook home with you?"
Daryl nodded his head, "Yes..."
Father continued, "Do you know what your lessons are going to be for next semester."
"Well I have the syllabus." answered Daryl. "I know what chapters the teacher will be going over."
"Excellent!" exclaimed Father. "Why don't we do this? The holidays are a good time for family to be together. What do you say you and I go up to your bedroom with your text book for some quality Father and Son time? We'll spend the afternoon studying ahead so that Laplace Transform will be easy for you next semester."
Daryl hated this idea. For one it was not going to be quality time with his father. Laplace Transform was a terribly difficult class for Daryl. He could barely understand the material. Father would see this and surly scold Daryl. It would be a miserable afternoon for sure. It was a horrible idea as far as Daryl was concerned. That's why he argued, "Oh, Father, it's Christmas break and I just want to relax and play with my X-box."
Father nodded his head in negation. "Out of the question!"
But Daryl continued to argue, "But why? I got it for Christmas to play with. Can't you just let me do this? Can't I just rest?"
It was then that Father warned, "I will take the thing away from you. Is that what you want?"
"No..." sadly answered Daryl.
"Then you will join me upstairs for the afternoon to study from your text book. Now let's go, Boy."
Just as Daryl anticipated, the afternoon was horrible. Father scolded Daryl for everything he did; the way he wrote out the Laplace Integral, his choice of notebook used to write on, and the fact that he needed a calculator at certain times. At one point in the afternoon Father had become so disgusted and outraged with his son that he shouted at him. He declared that Daryl was worthless, and that he couldn't believe that Daryl was actually his son. He confessed to beginning to suspect that Daryl had some sort of mental handicap that prevented him from performing mathematical calculations.
Poor Daryl had become so frustrated and overwhelmed from the negative comments from Father than he began to cry. It was then that Father spent a good forty-five minutes explaining that maybe it wasn't entirely Daryl’s fault. Maybe the American schools had failed Daryl; something in the education system that made Daryl somewhat defective in his thinking. Father reassured his son that he wouldn't let him become lost and slip away into becoming a worthless person in life. Then the two resumed working the problems out of the text book.
After some time, Daryl's confusion and seeming inability to comprehend the material threw Father into another rage. He shouted and stormed out of the room. And before slamming the door behind him, Father declared, "You could not possibly be my son!" Poor Daryl sat upstairs in his bedroom until nine o'clock that evening until Mother entered with a sandwich and a small glass of milk for her son.
But don't worry; on the last day of vacation, Daryl was allowed to play a couple of hours on his new X-box. It was interrupted by Father, of course, who declared that Daryl had played long enough. It was time for him to get ready for school the following day.

The End!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Take Off Your Clothes

Hello All:
     Back from the holidays, we wish you a Happy New Year with plenty of health, happiness and success. Let's bring in 2017 with a brand new short story.
Take Off Your Clothes
Julie woke up early on a Monday morning for work in a rotten mood. She had been fighting with her boyfriend all weekend. It was a stupid thing that happened. It started Friday night when her boyfriend, John, had a little too much to drink at the bar. There were pool tables in the bar and he was making bets. Julie wasn't exactly thrilled with her boyfriend drinking and making bets while playing pool. She figured he had more important things to spend his money on and really should have been showing better judgment-acting more responsible. At the time, their relationship was getting more and more serious. John hadn't proposed yet, but Julie could tell that it would be happening eventually. But it was John’s priorities that had Julie concerned. Gambling at the bar over pool while drinking shouldn't have been one of them. Additionally, John had so much to drink that night that he was becoming increasingly irritable and easily angered. At one point he got short with Julie, and that's when the fight for Friday evening started. Julie was the designated driver that evening. The two of them argued the entire ride home, much of it shouting while hearing horrible things coming from drunken John.
Saturday went by and there were no calls made between each other. It was one of those yucky weekends that started with a bad fight on Friday night. I’m sure we've all been there at one time or another. But then by Sunday afternoon, John gave Julie a phone call to try and patch things up. Everything seemed okay after making up on the phone, and John actually came over. But then the two started fighting again. It wasn't anything in particular; it was just that Julie hadn't intended John to be over that night so all she had planned for dinner was chicken strips and macaroni and cheese—comfort food. But this wasn't good enough for John. And being that he had blown most of his money at the bar Friday night, losing bets; John was unable to take Julie out to dinner that Sunday. So he fought with Julie some more which was actually buried resentment for what had occurred on a Friday night. And so after more fighting that Sunday night, John went home.
Like mentioned above, Julie woke up on Monday morning in a rotten mood while wondering how long this would last before she would patch things up with John and work out their issues. Since it was Monday, Julie didn't bother to wear anything all that fabulous. She left the apartment at 6:15 am like normal to catch the bus.
It should be mentioned that throughout the week at this time; Julie is alone at the bus stop which is located in a somewhat remote area. It's right across the street from a furniture outlet center—of all place—that doesn't open until 9:00 am. But when Julie arrives at the bus stop, there are no cars in the parking lot of this furniture outlet center.
The bus doesn't come until 6:30am, but Julie is sure to get there a bit early to ensure that she catches it. Not more than a minute after Julie reached the bus stop, a stranger from the other side of town approached. He had arrived by way of opposite direction. As he approached, he stared at Julie, never letting up.
Immediately Julie believed that he was some creepy stranger who was walking over to check her out. And Julie was in no mood at the moment to deal with such a person, not to mention men. So she looked down at the sidewalk in hopes that he would soon go away.
But what was this? The stranger reached the bus stop and stood right next to Julie and continued to stare at her. By then, Julie was becoming fearful. What woman wouldn't? She finally looked up at the strange who had a menacing look on his face, and was clearly there for something from Julie.
Without hesitation the stranger ordered, "Take your clothes off!"
"Excuse me???" demanded Julie. She thought she heard what he said, but wanted to make sure.
The stranger ordered a second time, "I said take your clothes off!"
"Fuck you!" declared Julie.
With that, the stranger reached for Julie's shirt by the collar and tore it in half, all the way down to her waist so that now Julie's bra and abdomen were exposed.
"What the fuck are you doing???" shouted Julie. "What the fuck is wrong with you?”
But the strange didn't listen. He grabbed the back of Julie's shirt and tore off some more.
And that's when Julie began to fight. She realized, then, that the stranger was serious about getting her naked. And there was no way in hell that her clothes would come off.
But the stranger was too strong for Julie. He ripped, pulled and wrested; managed to get her arms out of the sleeves of her shirt and then threw it on the ground.
Julie now stood on the street in her bra. "This has gone far enough!" she declared. "Stop!"
The stranger didn't care. He merely reached for the front of Julie's bra near her cleavage; tore it in half with his strong hands and whipped it down her arms. It was then tossed onto the sidewalk next to the torn blouse.
Julie's naked breasts now dangled out in the open for everyone to see. (Not that there was anyone else beside the stranger at that moment to see them.) She quickly covered her breasts with her hands so that the stranger couldn't see them.
The stranger next manhandled Julie and grabbed the front of her slacks. He didn't even bother to use the button or zipper; he just tore them right down the front and crotch.
"Stop it!" Julie screamed while resisting and fighting in vain. By then she realized what was happening. "Oh jeez! You've got to be kidding me! I do not want to deal with this right now!" The horrible weekend of fighting with John caused her to be in a rotten mood; now she had to endure being raped at the bus stop by a creepy stranger? She wouldn't go down without a fight. So with her hands she started slapping and punching the stranger in the face and chest.
But the stranger didn't care. He was so excited to get her clothes off. He tore her pants all the way down to her ankles. He shoved her on the ground and pulled them all the way off. All Julie wore now was her panties. It was then when the stranger finally said, "When I tell you to take your clothes off, I mean it! You take your clothes off!" With that, he ripped Julie’s panties in half and tossed them on the ground with the rest of Julie's mangled up clothes.
Julie was now butt-ass naked at the bus stop, fighting and screaming with her assumed rapist; hoping someone would drive by and see, or maybe someone in the furniture outlet center would see her and call the police. But then a weird thing happened. As Julie lay there, the stranger just casually walked away like his job had been done.
"What the fuck???" shouted Julie "Thanks a lot asshole! Fuck you!" She shook her head in disbelief. "I can't believe this. She still had her purse, lunch, and bag for work. And she still had all of her clothes that were completely unwearable. All she could do was walk back home completely naked to her apartment and redress. Julie would have to call in work and report being late. She really wasn't in the mood to deal with much at that moment. And Julie didn't feel like reporting what appeared to be a bizarre sexual assault. Again, she was in a rotten mood dealing with fighting with John for the weekend. And now she was humiliated. Reporting the incident was out of the question for now. She called the boss and said, "Hi, yes, we had a power outage at our apartment last night. It was difficult getting ready for work in the dark, so I'm going to be a little bit late."
The boss understood, of course.
And so Julie put on new clothes and threw the ones out that the stranger had torn up. She walked back to the bus stop, hoping this time there would be more people, and especially hoping that she would not have another encounter with the stranger. As Julie wished there was a small group of people at the bus stop who had never seen her before. By now it was seven o'clock, and everyone was waiting for the 7:05 bus to arrive.
Julie rode the bus to the next stop which was about a half block from work—an office building 30 stories high—in which her office suite was located on the 23rd floor. She got off the bus and walked her way to the office building, took a deep breath and said to herself, "Let's see if I can make it through this awful Monday." By then she decided she would have to put the sexual assault behind her. She hadn't been raped, after all, just a victim of a cruel act of assault in which her clothes had been removed.
Julie reached the office building by 7:30 that morning. By that time, the main lobby on the first floor was hit or miss when it came to people. Sometimes there could be a group of people standing there. Other times there could be no one. On this particular Monday morning, nobody was there—just Julie, walking over to the elevator area, pressing the button while waiting for the car to arrive. The door opened, and there stood a man who Julie initially believed to have parked his car in the underground garage and took the elevator up. Needless to say he had to stop at the main floor so that Julie could get on the elevator. But by the time the door closed, Julie thought she recognized the man. She immediately received a jolt of fear. The man looked just like the stranger who had assaulted her this morning.
As the elevator car took off, he pulled the emergency stop button so that they were between floors. It was then that he announced, "Bitch, I thought I told you to take your fucking clothes off!"
"No!" screamed Julie. This was not going to happen again. What was wrong with this man? She screamed for help, "Somebody, please help!" She reached her hands over for the emergency stop button to release it so the elevator could make it to the next floor. But the stranger stopped her arm.
Julie had a fresh blouse on. The stranger used his strong arms to tear right through the blouse—material torn, buttons popped off on the floor.
"Stop it!" ordered Julie. "You have no right to do this to me!"
The stranger just laughed. "I don't know when you're going to learn. When I say take your clothes off you take them off. That's the rule around here." He proceeded to rip the material off the back of Julie's blouse so that now she was in just her bra. The stranger wasn't done. He was so strong and fast that he proceeded to tear off Julie's clothes. It was the craziest thing. It couldn't have been more than thirty seconds that they were on that elevator. His speediness might explain why he was so confident in pulling the stop button in an elevator in a gamble not to get caught while assaulting Julie.
Just like early that morning, Julie's bra had been snapped away; her slacks had been yanked off and panties pulled down so that she was now butt-ass naked on the elevator with clothes lying on the floor.
The stranger looked at her and studied her naked body. Julie possessed a nice pair of loose, B-cup breasts that just kind of hung and dangled. Her abdomen was mostly flat with maybe a little bit of belly fat on it. She could be best described as one of those average women that one might see online in those amateur nudey websites. But don't even try to say that you wouldn't enjoy an average woman! If you saw Julie, you would love to rip her clothes off to see her naked. And when finally naked in front of you, you would get very aroused. Women who are naked—whether they have perfect bodies, average bodies, or are a little plump—are very exciting to see naked. And I suppose in that moment when the stranger finally had Julie naked in front of him, he was very excited.
But he didn’t do anything. He simply declared, "Let that be a lesson to you, bitch! When I tell you to take your clothes off, you take 'em off!" He released the emergency-stop button and rode it up to the next floor where he quickly got off. The stranger left Julie all by herself in the elevator, butt-ass naked.
By the time Julie made her way up to her office suite floor, people were in shock to see her. They assumed she had been raped in the elevator. Naturally, the police were called. Julie’s boss rushed her into the safety of his private office and shut the door so that Julie could wait in dignity for the police to arrive. But, surprisingly, Julie wasn't traumatized by the incident. Again, she hadn't been raped or beaten. She simply had to wrestle with the creepy stranger—a very strong man—who was insistent in taking her clothes off. If anything, Julie was outraged and frustrated. What right did this man have to do this to her?
Julie relayed both incidents of that morning to the police officers.
"And you say you've never known your assailant, right ma'am?" asked one of the interrogating officers.
"Correct." affirmed Julie. "I have no idea who he is. I've never seen him before. He just started these attacks this morning. And apparently he's following me because he knows where I work."
"Can you give us a description of him?" asked one of the interrogating officers.
"The best thing I can say about him is that he wore a pair of baggy jeans, a blue flannel; he had long, greasy hair; a somewhat unshaven face... That's all I can really say. He has blue eyes..."
It didn't give the police much to go on. "Well, we'll turn your description over to a forensic artist and put wanted flyers around town. Something might come up. We'll put a reward out there too."
"Well I hope so!" exclaimed Julie. "That would be great."
Then Julie was given a ride home by the police. Julie's boss offered that she could take a couple of days off to recover from the assault. As he believed, surely Julie had been traumatized. But she declined the offer. She explained that she would simply redress for the day and return to work later that morning.
Julie always takes the bus to get to work. But if she has to run errands like—say—go to the grocery store, she backs her car out of her designated garage at the apartment complex and drives to wherever she needs to go. Julie drives a nice, black Hyundai Elantra. On Wednesday of that week, this is what Julie did. She just got off work and realized she needed to get a few items for dinner. And so Julie head off to town on her way to the grocery store. About midway, Julie saw the flash of police lights in her rearview mirror. She originally thought it was an officer answering an emergency call. So Julie did the right thing by pulling over to let the squad car pass.
But then the squad car pulled directly over to the shoulder behind Julie and announced over the public address speaker, "Pull into the parking lot of the neighborhood park over there... pull into the parking lot over there on the right..."
Julie was confused and looked around to see if the officer was addressing someone else.
"I'm not going to say it again!" warned the officer of the public address speaker. "Pull into the parking lot on your right... the one for the neighborhood park."
Julie shrugged her shoulders and cautiously pulled into the lot of the park. It was now somewhat dark and there was no one around. What in the world could the officer have wanted? Julie wasn't speeding, and she was obeying all the traffic laws. Her car was relatively new so there were no lights out.
In her rearview mirror, Julie could see that police officer had stepped out of the squad car with a flashlight. She rolled her window down to speak to the officer once he was near. Of course Julie was wearing her seat belt so didn’t have to quickly put it on for the officer. As for retrieving her license, Julie waited for the officer to ask for this. She didn't want to make it appear that she as being busy in the car—quickly hiding things that were illegal, etc. She simply kept her hands on the steering wheel.
"Hi, can I help you officer?" greeted Julie when the officer was finally near.
The officer shined his flashlight in the car and even shined it in her eyes. "Step out of the car!" he ordered. But he said this in a peculiar voice that suggested perhaps he was trying to sound authoritative. It was almost as-if the person in the uniform was not a real police officer. It just didn't sound right to Julie. But, the police officer did have a badge. And just to double check, Julie looked in the rearview mirror to examine the squad car. It certainly appeared legitimate like one of the many others in the area. It was probably best that she do what the police officer said.
And so, Julie exited her black Elantra and faced the officer. "Can I ask what I did wrong?"
The police officer answered with a shocking statement that terribly startled Julie. "Now what the fuck did I tell you? Huh?"
It was then that Julie realized who it was. She definitely recognized the voice. It was the stranger who had assaulted her twice already. He was now impersonating a police officer and was probably about to assault her a third time. Julie was corned against the driver side door and couldn't run away.
"What did I tell you?" demanded the stranger dressed up as a police officer.
Julie remained silent.
"Bitch, what the fuck did I tell you?"
Julie shook her head in disbelief while stuttering, "I... I... I... just don't understand why you're doing this to me. You keep playing this cruel game with me..."
The officer cut Julie off, "What the fuck did I say to you???"
"I know you want me to take my clothes off..." began Julie.
"That's right!" interrupted the stranger dressed in police uniform. "Now take your clothes off! Get your fucking clothes off, now!"
Julie decided that she would stand up to the stranger this time. "Listen, I don't know who you think you are..."
With that, the stranger grabbed Julie by the collar of her t-shirt and with his thick, strong hands tore it right down the middle. Unlike the last times, he then reached in her for her bra and tore it right open so that Julie's B-cup tits hung and jiggled. It was an exciting thing to see in the partially-lit streets. He then whipped both Julie's t-shirt and bra right off so that her upper torso was naked. Her B-cup tits jiggled while wresting with the stranger dressed in a police uniform who was clearly breaking the law. He must have been fearful that someone would see what was happening. He continued to wrestle with Julie and shoved her into the front seat of the car. Then he dove in and had the most intense moment of wresting with Julie while proceeding to rip off all her clothes. He just didn't want her private parts exposed. He wanted every article of clothing removed so that Julie was butt-ass naked in that car. It all came off. And it wasn't taken off nicely, either. Like the previous times, the stranger tore off all of Julie's clothes. This time Julie was wearing a pair of shorts that was easy for the stranger to rip through. He took the aggression a step further than last time. While reaching for Julie's shorts, he also reached underneath for her panties so that when he tore both her shorts, the panties tore in half as well. Julie's pussy was now exposed to the streetlights as well as her tits and bare thighs. She was definitely a beautiful sight to behold. Anyone who saw her lying in the front seat at that moment would definitely want to take her.
But just like the past times, the stranger simply walked away. He casually strolled back to his police car and drove away, leaving Julie by herself—naked—in her Hyundai Elantra.
Poor Julie had no choice but to return home and telephone the police to file another report. And the police were most interested in finding out who this rapist was who either impersonated an officer of the law, or actually worked on the force.
"Did you happen to see a name on his badge, ma'am?" asked one of the interrogating officers.
"No, I did see his badge; but in the first few moments I didn't think to get his name. I guess I just wasn't expecting to be assaulted by the officer. All I can say is that he was dressed in full uniform. But now that I think about it, he wasn't dressed in the same sort of uniform that you are dressed in. I guess that suggests it was someone out there who is very dangerous and is impersonating police officer."
"Well we'll definitely update our files!" reassured the police officer. "And we'll be sure to release an updated bulletin for people to beware of someone impersonating a police officer. It'll be on the news as well.
And that it did! Julie's incident appeared on the nine o’clock news that evening as the breaking story. Her name was not disclosed to protect her identity. But viewers were advised of a serial rapist who at the time hadn't committed actual rape, but was following through with sexual assault that involved removing the victim's clothes. Viewers were also advised that the assailant may also impersonate a police officer; complete with uniform, badge and a police car.
By late that week, Thursday evening, Julie and John had mostly patched things up. Just a few days away from each other gave them both a chance to cool off and reconsider. Oh but it was mostly John who did the reconsidering. He phoned and apologized for what had happened over the weekend, citing that maybe he should get his priorities straight; not drink so much and gamble at the bars. Then he confessed that he had no business complaining for only having chicken strips and macaroni for dinner on Sunday night.
So by Friday of that week John and Julie were back together. They didn’t go out that night, however. They simply stayed at Julie's house. On this night, Julie ordered a pizza. John was sure to stop at the grocery store for a 12 pack of beer so that the two could eat pizza, drink beer, and watch whatever Julie wanted to watch on TV. John was being extra nice that night. He was being so nice that they went to bed and had some great makeup sex! John was really lucky to have Julie as a girlfriend. At one point while having sex, he felt how great it was to be on top of her naked body; driving himself in and out. How many men would love to do something like this to a woman like Julie?
At eight o'clock Saturday morning, Julie sat up in bed. "Oh fuck!" she exclaimed.
"What?" asked startled John.
"I just remembered I have the cable guy coming here."
"The cable guy?" repeated John. "What do you need him for?"
"I'm not able to get all of my premium stations." explained Julie. "I guess there's an issue with my box. He's going to check it out.”
John sighed, "Saturday morning... we have to get out of bed early..."
"Well it's already eight o’clock." offered Julie. "A lot of people have been up since six o'clock. What if we were married with kids? We'd probably be up by five o'clock on Saturday and Sunday mornings.”
"Fuck that!" declared John. He stood up and stretched while yawning.
Julie was sure to slap his naked ass while getting out of bed herself. At some point in the night, Julie had put on her pajamas because she was cold—the full pajamas with pants and button down top. Underneath, of course, she was naked. But John had so much of his fill the previous night that he wasn't interested in doing anything at the moment.
"Tell you what..." began John. "I'm going down the street to the convenient store to get us both some coffee. What do you say?"
"Sounds like a great idea to me." agreed Julie.
John dressed, brushed his hair back with his hands in the mirror and made sure he looked alright.
"Who are you trying to look good for?" playfully accused Julie.
"Nobody..." reassured John. "You're my one and only. I just want to make sure I look good, that's all." With that, John walked out the door.
Now keep in mind that Julie never informed her boyfriend, John, of what had happened earlier that week. He was clueless of her repeated sexual assaults. And, of course, he had no idea that the story in the news was about his girlfriend. So he left the apartment that Saturday morning without worry for his girlfriend.
About two minutes after John had left; there was a knock on the door of the apartment suite.
Naturally, Julie assumed it was the cable guy. She looked through the peephole and could see a man wearing a tool belt, dark sunglasses, and an orange polo shirt with cable company logo. It had to be the cable guy, so she opened the door.
"Cable company!" the man announced.
"Yes, come on in." invited Julie.
As the cable guy entered her apartment, Julie received a funny felling. There was something she didn't like about the cable guy. He actually closed the door. Who does that?
It was then that the cable guy removed his sunglasses.
Julie immediately recognized him as the stranger who had repeatedly assaulted her early that week.
"What the fuck are you doing?" asked the stranger. "Bitch, what the fuck are you doing? What the fuck is this?" he pointed at Julie's pajamas.
"You know what?" snapped Julie. "You are really pissing me off! I don't know why you keep playing this game with me."
The stranger shoved Julie onto the floor in the family room. Too bad she lived on the first floor of the apartment building. If people lived below her, they would have heard the struggled and called the police. He stood over her and ordered, "Take your pajamas off! Take them off now!"
This time Julie got the idea that maybe if she willingly removed her clothes, it would be the last time she would see the stranger. Maybe that's all he wanted. Maybe he simply wanted to see some obedience that she would remove her clothes when demanded. And so Julie proceeded to unbutton her pajama top.
But it wasn't fast enough for the stranger. "Hurry the fuck up, bitch!" he demanded. The stranger jumped on top of Julie and tore right through her pajamas. He exposed her bare just with tits that jiggled. The stranger wrested and pulled the top all the way off.
All the while, Julie screamed and cried. "Would you just stop it???I'm tired of all this! You have no right doing this! You have no right to come in my home and attack me like this!"
The stranger didn't care. Wearing his tool belt and company shirt, he wrestled with Julie and tore her pajama bottoms off.
Now Julie lay on the floor completely naked.
Satisfied, the stranger walked out of Julie's apartment suite as a cable guy impersonator.
Julie pounded her fist on the floor. "Damnit, anyway! What the fuck?" She didn't want John to be aware of what had just happened, so she threw away her pajamas in the garbage and hopped into the shower.
How much longer would Julie have to endure these repeated assaults by the stranger who wanted her to take her clothes off?
The End!