Friday, December 9, 2016


Hello All:
December is here and the weather is getting cold. Why not enjoy a nice, brisk walk in your nearby forest preserve. Why, you might even find yourself in a situaution in which you become a hero.
Have a great weekend!
So just how did Ken find himself in a situation that would change his life forever?
Well it happened in December. And December brings with it cold weather and the holidays which limit activities to indoors. This especially holds true for those who were used to being active throughout the spring and summer months. In the early part of the year people like to make fitness goals--maybe run a mile or two a day, or simply get in shape by doing plenty of yard work. Then, as the weather turns cold and snow covers the ground, these activities are nearly impossible.
Oh, but it is still possible to go for winter walks in your neighborhood, or maybe even in the nearby forest preserve. This is what Ken decided to do after realizing that his physical activity had dwindled down since late November. And the overindulgence of food for the Thanksgiving holiday didn't help matters either. He had gained five pounds since being at the year's peak fitness in the summer.
And so, like mentioned before, Ken opted to make the most of this time of year by hiking the nearby forest preserve every morning before getting ready for work. Actually he had to drive there--about a mile away. He could have walked to the forest preserve and then did his hiking there. But Ken was pressed for time and wished to make the most of the hike by enjoying the wooded scenery, not the neighborhood houses and a few businesses along the way.
But what about the event that would change his life forever?
It happened on a cold, windy and gray Tuesday, December morning. Christmas was nearly two weeks away. But there was no point in pretending that it was still autumn. Winter had come early and had sunk its deep freeze. On that morning, Ken exited his car and took a deep breath of the exhilarating, and refreshing cold air. He was sure to bundle up in a coat, hat and gloves. And for the snowy ground he wore all weather hiking boots.
The trees were now bare of all leaves with a frozen layer of snow covering most of the places. And as Ken took his first steps into wooded path, the frozen snow crunched. Ken walked some moments while enjoying the scenery. Then, some considerable distance away; Ken had to stop in his tracks at an unbelievable sight. It nearly frightened him. There appeared to be a naked woman running for dear life, and desperately trying to protect her skin from the frigid cold.
"What in the world???" exclaimed Ken. He was unsure to continue walking towards her; although she was already on the trail and rapidly approaching. Was the woman on drugs? Was this a bizarre attempt of distracting a victim with a naked woman before blindsiding him and robbing him? Surely you can understand why Ken was a bit frightened.
"Help!!!" called out the naked woman while flagging Ken down. "Help me!"
It was then that Ken decided that the woman had experienced an emergency and was desperately in need of help. He jogged towards her. "Yes, what's wrong?" he asked. He continued to job until reaching the naked woman.
She breathed heavily, and she was shivering. Her skin was turning color due to the frigid cold--a suggestion of frost bite. "I've escaped! I need to get to the police!"
Ken quickly took off his coat and gave it to the woman. "Here, put this on. My car is parked a few hundred feet away. I'll get you to safety." The two briskly walked, and Ken handed the woman his gloves and hat. She certainly needed it more in that moment than he did. "What did you escape from?" Ken finally asked while the two continued to briskly walk.
"It was horrible!" began the woman. "I don't know how long I've been captive. I was abducted and brought to some cabin out in the woods. I don't even know where I'm at. But I must have been there for some years. There were two men who repeatedly raped and beat me. I was some sort of sex slave. And I was never given clothes. This is why I'm naked. But I escaped and I don’t want them to track me down."
The more Ken heard the story from the woman, the more he began to fear for his own safety. What if her captors were on her trail and very near? Surely they would capture Ken and probably kill him to avoid the police. He walked faster and faster, almost to a jog. Then, through the clearing he could see his car parked. A few spots next to it was a police car; maybe an officer simply doing paperwork or eating a quick breakfast between calls.
"Look!" pointed Ken. "There's a police car, now. You are safe."
But what was this?
Immediately the woman whipped off Ken’s hat, gloves and coat so that she was, once again, naked.  Perhaps the time spent in captivity under horrific conditions and then running many hours in the cold might have caused some problems with her thinking. She desperately ran for dear life, away from Ken and towards the direction of the parking lot, right towards the police car.
The officer immediately noticed the naked woman, and quickly exited the vehicle.
"Help me!" called out the naked woman. "Please help!"
Confused, Ken emerged from the forest and walked towards the police car. By then he had his coat, gloves and hat in his hands.
The police officer drew his gun and pointed it at Ken from a distance. "Freeze!" he ordered. "Put your hands up!"
"What???" exclaimed Ken. "What did I do?"
"I said put your hands up where I can see them!"
Ken dropped his coat, gloves and hat and raised his hands in the air. He was then ordered to lay on the ground where handcuffs were placed on him. He stayed there for ten minutes in the freezing cold while the naked woman sat in the back of the police car providing a report of what happened.
"I was walking in the woods and he grabbed me. He tore off all of my clothes and then raped me. Afterwards he said he was going to take me home and lock me up in the basement so I could be his sex slave. He told me to pretend like there was nothing wrong when we saw your car. He even tried to make me wear his coat, hat and gloves. But I threw them on the ground and ran over to you for help."
A second police car arrived on the scene. Ken was escorted to the back and was under arrest. He would soon go to prison thanks to the wrongful accusations of the woman who claimed she had been raped in the most brutal way by Ken in the forest.

The End!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Vicky's Interrogation

Hello All:
     In our last Cableman story, I used some questionable information that had been received during a ghost box session about Senator Hillary Clinton about to be arrested. Although highly doubtful information, I thought it would create a good setting for a Cableman story in which  our friends, Agent Lynn and the CAA would help the FBI investigate.
     We've taken the story further in today's featured writing. But before we get to that, I'm sure everyone is eager to find out what happened to fourteen-year-old Vicky after being rescued by Agent Lynn.
Vicky's Interrogation
It was Thursday morning, December 1st, 2016 to be precise and a very exciting day in America. Headline in the news: Wisconsin was to begin the recount of the presidential election votes. But Vicky didn't care about all that. She was still very young and could care less about politics. Oh, sure; she had seen plenty of political propaganda on social media. The Democratic Party did a fine job in brainwashing the young people in America of what to think and believe as well as what political candidate would be best to vote for in the 2016 election. But quite frankly, Vicky had her own mind and her own beliefs. And when it came to politics, the subject bored her.
She sat in third hour class geometry on that Thursday morning and rubbed her right shoulder. It was becoming less and less sore as the days went by. If you recall on Sunday of that week, Vicky was saved from being abducted by either Bill Clinton or the evil Cableman. Who knows what would have happened to her. In any case, Agent Lynn of the CAA was responsible for saving Vicky's life that day. Vicky was certainly grateful, but she continued to have mixed feelings towards the group of federal agents. That soreness on her shoulder was the result of a large needle that had gone into her that Sunday afternoon. It came after a good half hour of interrogation in an underground conference room. Vicky had no idea such a place existed.
On that Sunday; Vicky had been brought to a local forest preserve, all the while Agent Lynn reassured her that everything would be okay. She reassured Vicky that she would be unharmed, and go back home to her parents, soon.
But Vicky was worried, of course. Where were they taking her in the forest?
The van reached the top of a mountainous hill. The next thing you know, a hidden door opened in what was nothing more than a large pile of rocks with a man dressed in army fatigue to greet them. Agent Scott flashed a badge, and immediately the van was allowed to drive in. From there, Vicky was escorted into an underground interrogating room.
The first thing that happened; Vicky was given a couple of ice cream sandwiches and a soda from the nearby vending machines. Then they sat down at a small conference table where Agent Lynn sat across from Vicky. "So..." began Agent Lynn. "Why don't you tell me about your home planet?"
"Well I've only seen it in my dreams." explained Vicky.
"So you've never physically been there." concluded Agent Barry.
Vicky shrugged her shoulders. "Well, I know that sometimes aliens abduct people and then they take you to places, but then do something to make you forget. Maybe that's what happened to me. And sometimes I wonder if maybe my Venusian family has picked me up in a flying saucer and taken me back to their home planet to visit with family—you know, for Venusian holidays and stuff. But then they did something to make me forget. I suppose this would be possible."
Agent Lynn and Agent Barry looked at each other in confusion.
"Okay, so the only thing we can go on is that you remember your home planet through your dreams." reinforced Agent Lynn. "So what does it look like?"
"It's a purple world." began Vicky. "It's bathed in a purple light, and it belongs to a higher dimension. You see, people cannot exist on Venus in the physical form. You can only exist there on one of the higher dimensions. And on this particular dimension, the people living there are going through a state of transformation. They were physical beings in one of their lifetimes. But then after their physical bodies died, they merged to Venus to go through their transformations."
"Well what are they transforming for?" inquired Agent Scott.
"For the next state of supreme existence." suggested Vicky. "Or maybe Heaven? Or maybe one of the higher dimensions of Arcturus where the entities there are very close to being angelic? But this purple color on Venus is needed to help the people in this higher dimension transform themselves to the higher level of existence. It's a spiritual color—you know, it represents grace and nobility. It represents Christ's victory of the cross and death. It's courage... all those spiritual things. The people on Venus are perfecting this."
"I see..." commented Agent Lynn. "But why is it that you are here?"
Vicky shrugged her shoulders. "That's what I'm trying to find out. I've read that my people come here in cycles of 77. They send 77 souls down here through some Venusian technology at various moments when Earth children are being conceived. And then, of course, we grown in the womb and are born. We have all of our Akashic records which are eventually revealed to us..."
"Akashic records?" interrupted Agent Barry.
Agent Lynn explained, "They are memories of past lives. Supposedly everyone has them embedded in our DNA. You know how instincts that have been passed down for millions of years could very well be in our DNA? Well people like Vicky believe that this DNA portion holds what is known as Akashic records. So at this very moment, she is remembering what her life was like at Venus. Isn’t that right, Vicky?"
"That's correct."
"If they are sending 77 down here at a time to live a life, what is it that you are supposed to do?" probed agent Barry.
"I guess help the people of Earth." suggested Vicky. "I'm still young here on Earth, and everything hasn't been revealed to me just yet."
"And that's what you think the Cableman is supposed to do?" suggested Agent Lynn. "He's supposed to help you remember?"
"Yes..." nodded Vicky.
"Well that's very interesting." said Agent Lynn while looking over to Agent Barry. "I wonder how many other people look to the Cableman as a point of contact."
Agent Lynn looked over to Vicky and could see she was on her second ice cream sandwich. "So how do you like those?"
"There good." answered Vicky. "My Mom sometimes gets these, but then my little brother eats them all up."
Agent Barry laughed, Oh yeah, those little brothers."
Then agent Lynn announced, "When you are finished with that, we need to do one more thing. And after that, you will be done and we can bring you home. See how easy all of this was?"
Vicky nodded, "Uh-ha. But what is it that we need to do."
"You'll see..." cautiously answered Agent Lynn.
Agent Barry patted Vicky on the shoulder, "Everything will be okay; don't worry."
But then, suddenly, Vicky grew apprehensive. If they were telling her not to worry and patting her on the back, then maybe something bad was about to happen. Suddenly she didn't feel like eating her ice cream sandwich. She took smaller bites while trying to assess what was about to happen. Could the Venusian council give her telepathic advice at that moment?
"So what time do you need to be home by?" asked Agent Lynn.
"Before dinner." answered Vicky.
"Well then you should probably hurry up and finish that ice cream sandwich." urged Agent Lynn. "Give yourself a chance to digest both of them before dinner. You don't want to spoil dinner."
"Uh-ha..." agreed Vicky.
"We should really get her back." declared Agent Scott.
"Yeah, that's what I'm thinking." agreed Agent Barry.
Agent Scott nodded to Agent Barry. And at that moment, Vicky could see that Agent Lynn was looking at her with an almost sympathetic look. "What?" she finally demanded. "What are you going to do with me?" Just then, out of the corner of her eye, she could see a large needle. Vicky jumped out of her chair. "What is that???? What are you doing????"
"Now, now... It's going to be okay." Agent Lynn rushed over. “Just sit down here; it's going to be okay. There are no chemicals or drugs in here."
"Vicky squirmed and wrestled with Agent Lynn. "You can't do this to me! You have no right!"
Agent Lynn simply reassured Vicky, "There's nothing in here that is going to harm you. There are no medicines, strange drugs or chemicals. It's just a tracking device so we can find you whenever needed. You'll just feel a little sting when we put it in you, and then you'll be fine. We have to do this because you are an alien. Look on the bright side of things; if you get kidnapped, at least we will be able to find you."
For all practical purposes, Vicky was still a young girl so it was easy for Agent Barry and Agent Scott to push her down into her chair. The last time they did this, it was the strong Cableman. If they were able to hold him down, then they certainly were able to hold young Vicky down.
Vicky screamed and cried while Agent Lynn pushed the needle into her right shoulder.
Agent Lynn urged, “Honey, I wish you wouldn't do this. It's almost over, and everything will be fine."
Vicky felt the sharp sting and jerked. The needle wasn't small, either. It was considerably large. It had to be to accommodate the tiny tracking device that would enter Vicky's blood stream. And then Vicky turned queasy, shocked that a needle had been pushed into her."
"There, there..." reassured Agent Lynn. "See, it's all over and you are fine. I told you everything would be okay. We now have a tracking device implanted into you so that you will be safe. We need to do this because we are federal agents and are watching what is going on.”
Vicky just cried.
"It's going to be okay, Honey. Do you want to finish the rest of your soda before we leave?"
After the excitement, Vicky didn't want her soda. "No, I just want to go home."
“And home it is.” declared Agent Barry. Vicky was escorted out to the van and sat in the back seat as they made their way out of the secret entrance of boulders and out of the forest preserve.
The trio of CAA agents was so nice that the realized they couldn't just drop Vicky off at her front door. It might have alarmed Mother and Father of her whereabouts. And poor Vicky might have gotten grounded. "Would you like us to leave you at the park?" suggested Agent Lynn. "We’ll follow some distance behind to make sure you are okay while walking home."
"Yeah, that's a good idea." agreed Vicky. She was let out at the neighborhood park and then trailed by the trio of CAA agents some distance behind until reaching home. All the while Vicky hoped that the tears had dried in her eyes. And her shoulder was so sore!
When Vicky entered the home, she didn't dare tell Mother and Father what happened. She wouldn’t relay of being rescued by the CAA. And she certainly wasn't going to confess to her original intention of meeting the evil Cableman at the park who might have abducted her.
Mother did notice that Vicky’s eyes were red. "Everything still okay with you and Julie?" she asked.
"Yeah, we just hung out at the park and played."
Mother wasn't going to point out that it looked like she was crying. She just left it at that.
And so on Thursday morning, Vicky sat in geometry class and rubbed her shoulder. It was feeling better and didn't hurt as much when moving. For a few days there was actually a bruise there and she hoped that Mother didn’t see it. Fortunately it wasn't summer which meant she wasn't going out to the pool to expose the bruise to Mother. And when taking a shower, Vicky maintained her privacy by locking the bathroom door so that Mother wouldn't walk in.
Across the country on that Thursday morning, Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein—presidential candidate of the Green party—walked through the main entrance of where the Wisconsin presidential voting recount was taking place. While this happened, a large 63 foot Penske trailer backed into the shipping dock. In it were some important items to be delivered from Hillary Clinton for the election recount.
Election canvassers immediately recognized Hillary Clinton. Who wouldn’t? "Well hello Mrs. Clinton" they warmly greeted. Jill Stein of the Green party was warmly greeted as well. "What brings you here?"
Hillary smiled, "Well we just wanted to visit and personally thank everyone for doing a fine job, and seeing to it that voting is truly democratic our country. It is our right in America to request a recount if we suspect something is fishy. And I also have something for you. There is a trailer that just arrived at the shipping dock. Maybe by now they are unloading it. There are a few dozen crates containing probably a few-hundred thousand votes that I was told to bring here. Wisconsin forgot to count these the first time. I'm sure you won't mind adding these to your recount."
"Oh, well of course we will add these!" everyone agreed so enthusiastically. "We'll get out to the dock right away and get these crates in here to add to the count.”
Hillary and Jill toured the recount center and were sure to thank everyone for doing a fine job while reassuring they were doing the right thing by making sure elections were fair in this country.
Later that afternoon, Agent Lynn sat at a Starbucks with her notebook computer and did some work. Just then, she received a telephone call from Agent Ron of the FBI."This is Agent Lynn."
"Hi Agent Lynn; this is Agent Ron. Hey, have you come with anything, yet?"
"No, not yet." answered Agent Lynn. "We were following a secret service van that Bill Clinton was riding in on Sunday of this week. It looked like they were ready to abduct a young girl."
"And what happened?" encouraged Agent Ron.
Agent Lynn sighed, "I'm really sorry, but I could not allow her to get taken. I just knew something bad was going to happen to her."
"So then what did you do?" demanded Agent Ron. "Please tell me that you didn't interfere!"
"I had to." insisted Agent Lynn. "She's a pretty girl and it looked like they were going to take her. And my instincts told me that something really bad was going to happen to her."
"Oh for cripes sake!" complained Agent Ron. "That could have been the break that we were waiting for. Aw, jeez! And I just got informed that Hillary visited the election recount center in Wisconsin and brought with three hundred thousand forged votes for her—total election fraud. She wanted these to be added to the recount."
"Oh no!" exclaimed Agent Lynn.
"Right!" concluded Agent Ron. "That woman will do anything to prevent herself from going to jail. All she needs to do is become president; pardon herself and anyone else that was involved in the underage prostitution ring. It's important that she overturns the election and become president. Then we will never be able to prosecute her with everything she's done. Agent Lynn, I can't believed you interfered on Sunday. That was probably our only chance."

To be continued...

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Asshole-Call

Hello All:
Friday is here which means, hopefully, the work-week is ending. Maybe you had a bad week? Hopefully you didn’t receive the asshole-call from someone at your place of work or in your business world. I’ll let today’s featured writing explain what that is.
The Asshole-Call
Have you been the victim of an asshole-call?
Just what is an asshole-call?
Well it's not simply a phone call from an asshole. The asshole-call is usually a professional telephone call given to you that is carefully planned out in advance to subtly inform you that you were the asshole who caused a mishap, loss of money, or some delay in your place of work or business world. Now the caller never comes out and says that you are an asshole. In fact, the telephone call usually starts off as pleasant; maybe even brining good news to let you know that a certain difficulty you were experiencing of—say—getting a software tool to work, or getting the right service from a vendor at your company has finally been resolved. That’s good news for you to hear, right?
But then they have an additional item to discuss to you. It might start off with, "Oh and we were very surprised to discover that you don't..." They will then mention a particular system, software tool, or a certain order of procedure that people in your workplace follow. And then they will go on to explain to you what it was that was done. At some point they will ask if you are familiar with that.
Well, let's face it; if you are familiar with what it is they are talking about and didn't use this tool, service, or procedure; then you probably are an asshole. You probably should have been using any of these things that were described by the caller. But if you are not, and you are being honest; simply following how you were trained you might answer, "Oh, no, I didn't know about that."
And here’s what you need to understand about a person giving you an asshole-call. The caller is very skilled at silently communicating his or her thoughts and will have the ability to make you feel as-if you are lying.
In your honest ignorance, you might assume they are referring to something else and acknowledge what you think they are talking about.
"No, that's not what I'm talking about!" There might be a small hint of sharpness to their voice as they make it seem like you are trying to cover or mask up what you had done wrong by pretending not to know. Again, this person is very skilled at silently communicating and imposing their thoughts onto you. Frustrated with what they believe to be you pretending not to know, they will explain this to you while making you feel somewhat stupid.
You try not to take it personal. You think to yourself that maybe this person is simply having a bad day. You might try to end the call on a good note by asking, "Would you be able to email the link to this tool or software so I can familiarize myself with it?"
To your surprise you will hear, "It is your responsibility to..." and they will give you the name of an individual to contact, or the company's main website directory to look up what they are talking about.
They will conclude the phone call by reiterating that everything had been resolved.
You might try to end the call on a good note by trying to sound happy, "Oh very good. I'm glad to hear that."
But since this person is skilled at silently communicating their thoughts and maybe even their facial expressions over a phone call, they let you know that what you had done is unacceptable.
It all sounds very strange. It almost sounds schizophrenic; people silently communicating their thoughts and facial expressions over a phone call. But if you've been the victim of an asshole-call, then you'll agree with everything that I explained. You fully understand.
Now, after the call has ended; guaranteed you will receive an email from a third party—a rep from another department, or someone in your own department who is supposed to provide you with information. This email begins with, "I was advised by..." they will state the individual who you had just spoken to on the phone "that you were unclear with... just to make sure we are understanding everything, attached is a document. Please read it over..." You might even receive an email from your manager some time later asking if everything is clear.
What's bothersome most about the asshole-call is that in your perception you didn't intentionally do anything wrong. You were simply following the procedure that you were taught. But it caused a mishap, delay, or some loss of money. There might have been a flurry of emails and telephone calls by people who were wondering what were going on. Then someone who had the responsibility of investigating discovered that you were the cause. They targeted you as the source of the problem. It is because you did not follow whatever guidelines, procedures or tools that you were suppose to use. But again, it wasn't your fault. You simply were not aware.

Don't take it personal. That's just the business world. There are all sorts of politics and legal aspects of people trying to cover their asses, and you were just in the wrong place in the wrong time which resulted in you being the person who received the asshole call.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Hello All:
Spirit boxes or “ghost boxes” are peculiar things. This new technology that enables users to interact with nearby ghosts or spirits tells us all sorts of things. Why in a recent session, my spirit box told me that Hillary Clinton was about to get arrested. It told me something about bodies being pulled up from a swamp. Somehow Hillary was involved. It also told me about a bracelet that was found in the swamp belonging to a girl named Lisa.
Do I believe it?
Not really. But it does make for an interesting new story. I am using this for our ongoing series of Cableman short stories. If you’ve never read one of these, you should probably go back to the beginning or you might get lost in this writing.
On a Saturday morning; Agent Lynn, Agent Scott and Agent Barry of the Cosmic Awareness Agency (CAA) drove the highway in their black van, en route to Washing DC where the FBI headquarters is located. The trio of agents had met with the FBI on a few occasions. But this time was different.
"Why, again, are we visiting the FBI?" asked Agent Lynn.
"They need us to help with a case." answered Agent Scott.
"And it's not extra terrestrial related?" cited Agent Lynn in the form of a question. You see, the CAA is a top secret skeleton crew of federal agents whose purpose is to monitor extra terrestrial infiltrations in the United States. And if the case that the CAA was about to help the FBI with had nothing to do with extra terrestrials, then why should they be helping?"
"You know as much as I do." answered Agent Scott. "When asking the details of the meeting, special agent in charge under the National Security Branch said that in no way could it be discussed via electronic medium. We're just going to have to find out when we get there."
"I've got a hunch they are going to decommission the CAA." offered Agent Barry. "With a new president about to be sworn in, there will be all sorts of changes. Trump probably sees no need for a group of agents to monitor extra terrestrial activity. I mean look what he's doing with NASA. He'll be realigning their focus on space exploration, not monitoring the environment. I guess just be happy we still have jobs. Be happy we'll be assisting the FBI and not out on the streets looking for new work."
"Yeah, you think?" challenged Agent Lynn. "You think our little group is about to be broken up?"
"Maybe..." answered Agent Barry.
It was Agent Scott who was driving that day. As he pulled the black van into the underground parking garage he added, "Now, now; let's not jump to any conclusions. Let's just keep an open mind and find out what the FBI wants. Maybe they just need help from us in solving a case like the requisition says."
"I hope so." remarked Agent Lynn. "I'm actually starting to enjoy this monitoring extra terrestrial infiltrations. We have quite a data base of suspected aliens."
Fifteen minutes later, the three sat in a partially darkened conference room with overhead projector. As usual, leading the meeting was Agent Ron. "Thank you for coming out here and meeting with us and agreeing to help us. And I'm sure you want to know what this case is."
"Oh yes!" encouraged Agent Barry.
"Well, you have to promise to keep this case a secret.” urged Agent Ron. “Think of it as skunk work—something that the FBI director will not know about."
The trio shrugged their shoulders. "Sure..." But then Agent Barry asked, "But why would you want to keep a case a secret from your FBI director, James Comey?"
Agent Ron explained, "Well, we have repeatedly been given information on the Clintons, but can't launch an investigation."
"Why is that?" probed Agent Lynn.
Agent Ron sighed, "Well... not to bring up too much of the bureaucracy here in America, but Hilary Clinton has a lot of control on the FBI. Sure we've staged investigations on the whole Clinton email scandal for the public, but Obama and the whole Democratic Party controls the FBI. In short, the Democratic Party is not going to stand for a bonfire investigation against Hillary Clinton—actually Bill and Hillary along with a network of Democratic politicians."
"I see..." acknowledged Agent Lynn.
"Well wait a minute!" interrupted Agent Barry. "In a few weeks, Trump will be sworn in. There will be a Republican in office. Can't you wait until then to launch your investigation? Doesn't the president control the FBI?"
"It's not that easy." argued Agent Ron. "You see, the FBI director serves a ten-year term after being appointed and doesn't automatically change with a new president. Keep this under your hat, but James Comey is expected to maintain loyalty to the Democratic Party. Again, he's not going to stand for an investigation against Hillary Clinton and bunch of Democrats."
"So you want the CAA to do your investigations for you so that the FBI director, Comey, does not find out." concluded Agent Scott.
"Exactly!" affirmed Agent Ron.
There were a few seconds of silence before Agent Ron progressed to the first slide of his presentation which projected onto the wall. "Capitol Forest Preserve... It's pretty much behind the back yard of the White House. And right in the middle of this forest preserve is a small body of water named Capitol Swamp. After receiving some tips, small crews of investigators have been dragging the swamp and have pulled up some gruesome—not to mention—incriminating evidence."
Agent Ron progressed to the next slide which contained a photograph of a human skeleton which had been pulled up to shore. "Her name is Lisa..."
"How do you know that?" inquired Agent Lynn.
Agent Ron clicked to the next slide which contained a somewhat rusted bracelet on one of the wrists of the skeleton which read Lisa. "That was our first clue, and that's how we named her. Investigators ran a search of missing persons named Lisa. She was right up at the top of the list. She was only fifteen years old and reported missing last year. Her mother confirmed that the bracelet was hers which finally brought closure to the family. It was given as a birthday present."
Agent Ron then clicked through a series of slides, each containing a photo of a human skeleton pulled up to shore by investigators. One of the slides revealed a badly-decomposed body which suggested that the murder was relatively recent. "A half-dozen bodies have been pulled up by investigators at Capitol Swamp along with computers that were identified as originating from the White House. The crime lab managed to restore some of the hard drive contents of one of these computers which revealed documents hinting to a possible prostitution ring being run by the Democratic Party."
"Wow!" exclaimed Agent Barry. "Talk about draining the swamp!"
"That was my next point." completed Agent Ron. "I'm sure by now you are familiar with Mr. Trump's slogan of draining the swamp in Washington. Well, he means that literally. We're not sure who did this, but a source provided Trump with a clue to Capitol Swap. And he used the slogan throughout the election to put Hillary on edge. It was his way of saying in a spooky voice, "Oh Hillary...? Isn't it about time to drain the swamp...?"
"So you think she knows about the prostitution ring and the bodies found in the swamp?" asked Agent Lynn.
"Definitely!" affirmed Agent Ron. "You see, documents recovered from the hard drives in the swamp reveal that this prostitution ring provided funding for Hillary's election fund. It was like a spaghetti dinner to raise money for a school or church. But it belonged to the Democratic Party. Male politicians were paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to enjoy a night with one of the many underage prostitutes belonging to the ring. And it looks like when things were about to turn messy—maybe one of the girls trying to escape, or someone noticing her from the missing persons list—the girl was murdered and dumped into Capitol Swamp."
There were a few seconds of silence before Agent Ron continued. "We can't go before a judge with only this evidence. The Clintons are the most powerful people in the world. They can influence a criminal trial and have charges dropped; then have the whole world cheering for their victory. I mean it's amazing that Hillary even lost the election."
"So what do you want us to do?" probed Agent Lynn.
"It's simple." began Agent Ron. "Like I said before, we can't have FBI agents following suspects around. We need you to catch somebody red-handed. We need solid evidence of the Clintons in the act of funding this prostitution ring."
"You think it's still going on?" challenged Agent Scott.
"Most definitely!" insisted Agent Ron. "They were making an obscene amount of money from all of this."
There were several seconds of silence as the trio of CAA agents looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Agent Lynn finally spoke up. "Well I don't see why not. What do you guys think?"
It was Sunday afternoon as Vicky walked into the kitchen where Mother prepared for dinner later that night. "I'm meeting Julie at the park." she announced.
"Julie?" probed Mother. "You two are getting along, again?" You see, in recent times, Vicky and Julie had been fighting. Now, suddenly, they were getting along?
"Yeah..." answered Vicky. "We're friends again."
Mother shrugged her shoulders. "Okay, well be home in time for dinner."
Vicky stepped out the front door and walked down the long, gravel driveway to the street. She suddenly had a bad feeling. First, Vicky had lied to her mother. And Vicky hates lying.
"So Vicky wasn't going to see her friend, Julie?" the reader might ask?
No, Vicky was not off to see her friend Julie.
The reader might further ask, "If she wasn't going to see her friend, Julie, then where was she going?"
Well, on that fateful Friday afternoon when Vicky encountered the evil Cablemanthe lookalike Cableman's double who worked at Discount Cable servicesshe exchanged cell phone numbers with him and remained in contact. Vicky truly believed that the evil Cableman was the real Cableman, and wished to see him. And as you surely have figured out by now, the evil Cableman realized that he reminded Vicky of someone else and played along.
He now sat at the neighborhood park in the company van with his dark utility sunglasses and company uniform. It would be difficult for someone who knew the real Cableman not to assume that evil Cableman were him. He sat in the driver's seat and waited for Vicky, all the while fantasizing of the dirty things he would finally do to her. He would drive off with her and park at some remote location. And if she finally realized that the evil Cableman wasn't who she thought he was, it would be too late. The van would be sealed shut and the pretty jail bait girl would have to do whatever he wanted.
In the meantime while the evil Cableman fantasized, Vicky reached the sidewalk and turned right which led to the direction of the neighborhood park. As she continued walking, she continued to get the increasingly bad feeling. She struggled with the bad feeling by continuing to remind herself, "He's a nice guy... He's not going to do anything bad to me... I just have to trust him... He's a space brother, and he can help me become a space sister..." Recall that Vicky is an incarnate from one of the higher dimensions of Venus. She needed to find a network of fellow starseeds and space brothers/sisters who were just like her.
Just then, a large white van pulled into Vicky's subdivision. Inside was Bill Clinton along with a couple of secret service agents. They were looking for some new girls to abduct for the Democratic prostitution ring. Trailing behind some distance was the CAA's black van with the trio of CAA agents. They were on the hot trail and hoped to finally catch Bill Clinton in the act of whatever it was that he was about to do.
Bill Clinton and the secret service agents passed pretty Vicky as she walked along the sidewalk. "There's one!" exclaimed Bill. "Look at that pretty, young girl. She'd be perfect!"
Vicky glanced over to the large, white van as it passed. Through the window she could see interested faces looking out at her, but couldn't clearly identify who they belonged to. In those couple of seconds, she could feel an overwhelming amount of interest in her. Vicky wondered if the people in the van knew her.
"Who are those people?" she finally asked out loud. In trying to place who they were, Vicky's imagination helped her realize that the people in the white van were actually Venusian scouts who were there to meet with her.
And then passed a second van; a black van containing the trio of CAA agents. Inside, Agent Lynn warned Agent Scott and Agent Barry, "They're going to take her." She said this while pointing through the glass to Vicky.
Vicky looked over to the black van and could see Agent Lynn pointing at her. "Weird..." said Vicky out loud. As far as she was concerned, it was another crew of Venusian scouts. Why were they following her? What was happening? It was then that Vicky considered that maybe meeting the Cableman at the park was a bad idea. Maybe he wasn't who she thought he was. Maybe her Venusian family was trying to warn her.
Inside the large, white van; Bill Clinton ordered the driving secret service agent, "Turn around at the edge of the block, here. I think we can get her pretty easy. We'll just slow down and one of you jump out for her."
Agent Lynn is certainly more intuitive than Agent Scott and Agent Barry. And she had a terrible feeling in that moment while realizing that this would be the last moment that the young girl (Vicky) would be free. She'd soon be abducted and forced to become a sex slave for the Clinton's prostitution ring. "I cannot let this happen!" shouted Agent Lynn.
"What are you talking about?" asked Agent Scott.
Agent Lynn watched as the large, white van continued to approach. They definitely had intent on abducting the young girl. "Stop the van!" ordered Agent Lynn.
Hesitantly, Agent Scott slowed down to a stop. "Why are we stopping?"
Agent Lynn opened the passenger door and stepped out. She shouted to Vicky and flashed her badge, "Hurry and get in! I'm a federal agent! That white van is about to abduct you!"
Unsure, Vicky froze. Was this for real? Was someone about to abduct her? And she really wasn't sure what Agent Lynn said while identifying herself. Vicky could see the badge. But imagination caused her believe that it was a Venusian symbol. The fellow Venusian woman was identifying herself while warning Vicky of impending danger. It was then that Vicky ran over to Agent Lynn.
"What the hell are you doing?" called out Agent Barry who sat in the backseat as Agent Lynn opened the side door to the van.
"Get it!" ordered Agent Lynn to Vicky. "We will bring you to safety! Hurry!"
Inside the large, white van; Bill Clinton voiced his disappointment. "Oh rats! It looks like Mom is picking her up to take her home. We won’t be able to take this one… at least for today… maybe next time..."
The secret service van passed and left the subdivision.
With Vicky and Agent Lynn finally seated and buckled in, Agent Lynn ordered Agent Scott to drive.
"We're not supposed to do all of this." advised Agent Scott.
"I don't care!" shouted Agent Lynn. "Just drive!"
Agent Scott proceeded to drive off.
Agent Lynn turned to the back seat and apologized to Vicky who had a concerned look. "I'm sorry for all the excitement. Don't worry, you are safe. Do you know who we are?"
Vicky hesitated, "... umm... Venusian scouts? You're here to warn me about meeting the Cableman?"
Agent Lynn made a confounded look. "Meeting the Cableman? You know the Cableman?"
"Uh-huh..." affirmed Vicky while nodding. "I'm supposed to meet him at the park. And it looks like you are here to stop me."
Agent Lynn pulled out her government-issued smart phone that had the ability to track the Cableman. Immediately she pinged his location. "No, he's not at the park. He's at home right now, far from here."
"But he told me he'd meet me there." insisted Vicky.
"Try to find the park." ordered Agent Lynn to Agent Scott. Then she asked Vicky, "Can you point the way?"
The black van reached the end of the block.
"Turn right." directed Vicky. "The park will be about a half block away on the left."
The van slowly drove the wooded street and approached the neighborhood park.
"There he is!" exclaimed Vicky. "See, I'm supposed to meet him here."
Agent Lynn pinged the Cableman's location a second time. "This isn't making any sense." She looked over to the van, and suddenly realized that it belonged to Discount Cable Services. "That's not the Cableman's company." Agent Lynn looked over to Agent Scott. "Slowly pull into the parking lot and park next to the van so we can check this guy out.”
By now, Agent Scott and Agent Barry were equally intrigued and went along with everything. Did the Cableman hack into the government tracking device? And was he meeting underage girls at the park?
The van coasted over to the evil Cableman's van and parked next to it. Inside, the evil Cableman tried to pretend not to notice that Agent Lynn was looking at him.
"Weird..." Agent Lynn silently said to herself. She reached into her purse for the special remote viewing glasses that enabled her to connect to the Cableman's bio chip and access his senses. It would only take a few seconds, and she would finally confirm if the man next to her was, in fact, the Cableman.
Through the glasses, Agent Lynn observed the Cableman's world. He was sitting on the sofa; watching football on TV and drinking beer. He shouted at the TV, "Watch out! Watch out! Nooooooo!"
Agent Lynn took off her glasses. "That is not the Cableman next to us." she declared. "It looks like the Cableman has a double. I think we've found his doppelganger."
By now, the evil Cableman looked over to the passenger-side window of the black van where Agent Lynn sat.
"Excuse me!" Agent Lynn called out.
"Yeah...?" asked the evil Cableman.
"Do you know this girl?" Agent Lynn ordered Agent Scott to lower the back window so that the evil Cableman could see.
The evil Cableman took one look and immediately started up his van. He quickly backed out and sped off.
"Just leave him." said Agent Lynn. "I don't think he'll ever come back." Then she looked into the backseat at Vicky. "And as for you; why were you on your way to meet him?"
"Because I thought he was the Cableman."
"Is the Cableman your friend?" probed Agent Lynn.
"Sort of..." answered Vicky.
"What do you mean, sort of?" demanded Agent Lynn.
Vicky shrugged her shoulders.
Agent Lynn sighed, "Okay, I want to remind you that we are federal agents, not Venusians. And I do have the authority to involve the police. Now I'm going to ask you, again, how you know the Cableman. Is he family? Do your parents know about him?"
"So you were sneaking over to the park to meet someone who you thought was the Cableman?" continued to probe Agent Lynn. "And you do know that he wasn't the Cableman. We saw some sort of evil double in that van.”
Vicky nodded her head in affirmation.
Agent Lynn shook her head in disbelief. "Honey, do you have any idea of the danger that you put yourself in today? Let me explain to you that we are federal agents who are investigating a prostitution ring that abducts young girls like you and forces them to become sex slaves. That white van that we were following was all set to kidnap you. Just imagine how your life would have changed this afternoon. But then I find out that you were already placing yourself in danger by meeting some creepy Cableman lookalike at the park. Who knows what he would have done with you?"
Vicky remained silent.
"Now I'm going to ask you again. Why were you off to the park to meet who you thought was the Cableman?"
For the next minute or so, Vicky narrated the first time that she met the Cableman, and how she had received a telepathic message from the Venusian council on that fateful day that she would soon meet an earthly space brother who could help her. All the while, Agent Lynn maintained a puzzled expression. Vicky concluded with, "I'm an incarnate from one of the higher dimensions of Venus. Right now it's my purpose to seek out others to build up our network."
Agent Lynn looked over to Agent Scott. "Well that changes everything. I had no idea..." She communicated something to him by motioning her head for Agent Scott to back the van up and leave the park. Then she returned to Vicky. "Don't worry; everything is going to be okay. You're nice and safe with us."
Suddenly, Vicky didn't have a good feeling. "Where are you taking me?"
"Don't worry, honey." reassured Agent Lynn. "I will see to it that you go home to your parents very soon. We just need to find out more about your home planet."
The black van drove past Vicky's house where she saw her little brother, Mikey, and Father exiting the family car. Apparently they had returned from Mikey's Sunday baseball practice.
"Don't worry..." reassured Agent Lynn. "Had the other people gotten to you this afternoon, you would have never seen your family again. Just try to relax... We’ll get this over as soon as possible."

To be continued...

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Welcome the Winter Sky--2016

Hello All:
It's the end of November and the weather is getting colder and colder (depending where it is that you live). This includes the days growing shorter. If you've gone outside in the late afternoon in recent days--about 5:00PM--then you'll agree that it's definitely twilight. And maybe you've had a chance to look up at the sky to take notice of the wintery, celestial sights.
Here at the Literary World of Tom Raimbault, we offer the traditional annual blog post, Welcome the Winter Sky. It's featured every year on Thanksgiving and aims to be your guide in what to expect to see in the sky.
Welcome the Winter Sky--2016
Step outside around five o'clock this afternoon--twilight for this time of year. On Thanksgiving night, 2016, the Moon will be a waning crescent which means that it will be long below the western horizon. For those wishing to see all that the sky has to offer, this is a good thing as the Moon will not be drowning out all the celestial objects with it's light. You'll have to wake up around 4:30 on Friday morning to see it rising in the east which might be convenient for all you devoted Black Friday shoppers.

But back to five o'clock on Thanksgiving night: If you are a big fan of Saturn, then you need to hurry up and take a look before it's gone below the western horizon. Throughout early to mid December, Saturn will not be visible to Earth. But rest assured, it will return to visibility by around the New Year. Look in the eastern horizon just before Dawn.
Perhaps the most outstanding object to be seen at twilight this month will be Venus. It will certainly deliver its expectations of being the "brightest star". On Thanksgiving night it will be located near the constellation, Sagittarius.
Look a short distance east from Venus and Sagittarius; you will see the red planet, Mars, in the constellation, Capricorn. It shouldn't be too difficult to spot. Just look for the familiar red star. A good telescope will sometimes reveal the features of Mars.

When finished viewing Mars, look further east to the constellation, Aquarius. There you will find the planet Neptune. You might need a little help locating which star is actually Neptune. Why not
download a handy app to your phone that allows you to point at a location in the sky to discern what you are seeing? Guaranteed, you will be able to find Neptune.
Excited to see Neptune? Well you be even more excited to find and view Uranus. On Thanksgiving night, it will be located in the constellation, Pisces. Simply point your handy smart phone app just a short distance east from Aquarius. There you will be able to locate
Uranus. Pisces will also include the dwarf planet, Pluto. But this will be an extreme challenge to find in a telescope or binoculars due to its size.

If you are waking up extra early on Friday morning--as in predawn--you will have a chance to see the king of planets, Jupiter. And as an extra treat, Jupiter will be joining the waning crescent Moon in the predawn eastern horizon. With a modest pair of binoculars, it will be easy to spot four of its orbiting moons.
There's not much information pertaining to the whereabouts of theoretical planet, Nibiru. Reports are suggesting, however, that the planet's nearness to Earth is causing tsunamis and earthquakes. I certainly hope all will be well on Thanksgiving night and throughout the holidays.

There is still time to left to see the Summer Triangle!
If you get outside around 9:00 pm, you will find yourself in the very center of the autumn and winter sky with the famous Summer Triangle in the west and the winter objects in the east. The Summer Triangle is a beautiful right triangle in the sky that is formed by the stars  Altair, Deneb, and Vega. You can think of the Summer Triangle as an "unofficial" constellation as the bright stars belong to the individual constellations of Aquila, Cygnus, and Lyra. But how nice of these borrowed stars to be joined in a right triangle whose hypotenuse is formed by the vertices of  Altair and Deneb. Be sure to bid this beautiful, celestial summer shape goodbye as the sky will soon be dominated by the objects of winter.
In the east, the first thing you will probably notice are 3 bright stars with a patch of light underneath them.
As most people are aware, these belong to the constellation Orion as the belt. Take a look through your binoculars at this patch and you will be amazed. This is the Orion nebula, or what some people call it: the stellar nursery. At this moment millions of stars are being created and migrating their way out of this nursery. Our sun came from the Orion nebula.
Unfortunately you will not be able to see the intense red color as seen in the photograph. You will see however a hazy cloud surrounded by stars.

Now scan around the Orion belt. Above the belt and slightly to the left is the star Betelgeuse. You can recognize this as the star that glows with a dull red. In the opposite corner of the constellation, to the southwest is the star called Rigel. This is the brightest star in the constellation and has a mass estimated to equal 250 of our suns. The most recognizable feature of Orion is, of course, the three stars ( Mintaka, Alnilam, and Alnitak) which form the belt.

The famous Horsehead Nebula is immediately recognized by the striking resemblance of a horse's head as formed by a dark shadow. Not much further south of Orion is this famous nebula that might be a challenge to see in a telescope or binoculars  Of course the red color isn't seen from Earth. Long-exposure photography must absorb this light to reveal it--so beautiful.
Look for the recognizable, small patch of stars called the Pleiades. Sometimes beginning astronomers mistake this group of stars as the Little Dipper. It is not the Little Dipper, but it yields a spectacular view in binoculars. The Pleiades are a network of young stars which were formed together and still travel together. We know that they are young as evidenced by their blue color. One day they will change color and eventually through billions of years go in their own directions.
Looking above the eastern horizon is an unusual looking star that catches the attention of many people later in the evening. It appears to have a fluorescent glow when rising and is very bright. This is the star named Sirius and is the main star in the constellation Canis Major. Actually there is nothing out of the ordinary about Sirius. The only reason why it is so bright is because it is closer to us than many other stars. It is so bright, that star maps use it as a reference to compare large objects to. There is something interesting about Sirius. It has a small companion (invisible to Earth) that orbits with it. This star is called Sirius B and it plays a gravitational dance with the larger.

 There are so many objects to entertain us in the winter sky and we could never get to them all in one edit. If you do not go out on Thanksgiving night and look at all of this, at least venture out some time this winter and see what I am talking about.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Speeding Freight Train

Hello All:
Be sure to visit on Thanksgiving for our yearly Welcome the Winter Sky post. Each year on this holiday we have the tradition of reporting what objects to see in the sky throughout the upcoming winter months.
Today’s featured writing is a work of flash fiction which aims to explain a horrible freak accident. How in the world could something like this happen?
Speeding Freight Train
It was difficult to understand how such a tragedy could have occurred, and was considered a most unlikely scenario that could only occur in a nightmare.  Speedy Freight Railroad was to begin construction of an extension that would link with the adjacent railroad tracks of Northern Freight Railroad in a joint agreement made between both companies earlier this year. Under the agreement, both railroad companies would contribute equal funding for a 2 mile link of railroad that would join the two together so that each would be able to use one another's hundreds of miles of railroad. Construction of the link was to begin on Saturday morning and would begin near the Lollipop Concert Hall.
The tragedy is being blamed on poor planning and mismanagement of both railroad companies. On the morning of Saturday, construction crews began work on the future branch-off of Speedy Freight Railroad near the Lollipop Concert Hall. It's not quite understood why, but crews laid aside approximately one city block of railroad to be used on this extension and laid it out in such a way that it suggested the link to run from the Speedy Freight Railroad Tracks and through the Lollipop Concert Hall. Keep in mind that it was never planned or intended for the railroad to run this route. The materials were simply set aside throughout the distance of one city block to be used as needed.
The task of sorting through and laying out the materials had taken all Saturday morning. By noon, the construction crew left the site for lunch. Around this time, additional crews from out of state had arrived at the construction site, and observed the railroad laid out. They assumed that this was the planned route for the linking railroad, and went right to work. In just an hour's time, railroad had been successfully linked and secured to the ground with the last stretch leading to the back exterior wall of the popular Lollipop Concert Hall. When later questioning construction crew members, they all assumed that the concert hall would eventually be demolished to make room for what they believed to be the planned route.
Even more baffling is the fact that one of the crew members had actually modified the pre-existing railroad track of Speedy Freight Railroad with a switch that would route trains over to the newly constructed link. During questioning, he insisted that he was simply testing the switch, but never intended to leave it the re-route position.
As the construction crew rushed through the erroneous installation of linking railroad that Saturday, a major storm blew in so that by one o'clock, conditions turned dangerous. This was around the time that the original construction crew returned from lunch. They never had a chance to assess the erroneous work that had been done. High winds and flash flooding resulted in an immediate evacuation of the site. And this evacuation occurred before the worker who was testing the re-route switch had a chance to move it back to the original position.
By six o'clock that evening, thousands of fans of the popular death metal band, Dark Ghost, piled into the Lollipop Concert Hall. The show began at seven o'clock PM, right around the time that a mile-long freight train sped down the tracks of Speedy Freight Railroad at seventy five miles per hour. The conductor was unaware of the unauthorized re-route switch that had been left in the alternate position. By the time the train deviated off course, it was too late. It plowed right into Lollipop Concert Hall as Dark Ghost played on stage. All band members were killed along with several hundred fans. Hundreds of others people inside of the concert hall were seriously injured.
The freight train plowed its way through the other side of the building and onto the main road in town, causing further tragedy as dozens of motorists and pedestrians were killed. The tragedy is being cited as one the country's worst freak accidents. Imagine sitting in a concert hall and having a speeding freight train plow through the walls to kill you!

The End!

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Evil Cableman

Hello All:
Here's a nice photo I took on the morning of the Supermoon. This was actually taken on Tuesday morning when the Moon was beginning to enter its waning stage.
Speaking of the Moon, here's a creepy music video for you about the moon. Do you remember the movie, Ferris Bueler's Day Off? Remember the famous song, 'oh yeah'?
Well here's the music video for it. You'll agree that it's more of a nightmarish Hall and Oates music video in which they use witchcraft against a little girl. Very creepy...

Have a great weekend! Today's featured writing paints up a new character in our Cableman adventures. I bring you the Cableman's evil twin, or doppelganger.
The Evil Cableman
Everybody has an evil twin. At least this is the theory. Sometimes it’s referred to as “the double”. Maybe you've had reports from family or friends, saying that you have a double out there. They swore they saw you at the grocery store, the nearby restaurant, or maybe in the next town. It's possible that they tried to have a conversation with this person, only to realize that it wasn't you. They come back to you some hours or days later to inform you that you have a double, a twin, or as some call it the evil twin.
The evil twin is sometimes referred to as a doppelganger which isn't fully accurate. A doppelganger is more correctly a ghostly visitor of yourself from the future to warn you about something that is about to occur. Take for example the famous doppelganger that Abe Lincoln saw on the night he was elected as president: He looked into the shaving mirror in his bedroom and saw two side profiles of himself--young and old. It was a warning from himself in the future of what to expect in the upcoming years of his presidency.
But why should our friend, the Cableman, have a doppelganger that serves as his evil twin, or “evil Cableman”? People call this doppelganger the Cable Dude. He too works for a cable company. He works for a competitor of the Cableman's company.
Why, there he is right now, installing cable at an apartment complex. Here comes a neighbor at a nearby building that yells out, "Hey Cable Dude! Do you have time for one more install?"
The Cableman’s doppelganger, Cable Dude, grunts. You see, it's the policy of Discount Cable for their technicians and installers to entertain requests for installs from neighbors of where a job might be. This means that the Cable Dude has been given another job for the afternoon. But he’s so negative about it. And he has such a filthy mouth, "Ah fuck! What does this fucking asshole want?" The Cableman would never say something like that! See why the Cable Dude is his evil double?
The Cable Dude dressed in a company uniform that looks very much like the Cableman's uniform walks over to the neighbor who yelled out the request. And just like the Cableman, he has dark utility sunglasses and steel toed work boots. Just the way the Cable Dude approaches the new customer is certainly threatening--it's in his gait and body language that yields the "don't bother me." sort of message. “Sure, I’ll hook you up.” agrees the Cable Dude with a note of warning in his voice.
The neighbor returns to his apartment building and waits for the Cable Dude. But he can’t help but wonder if inviting such a person with a bad attitude into his home is the right thing to do. Should he be fearful for his safety?
Don’t worry; the neighbor will be just fine. Within twenty minutes, he will have a nice picture on his TV But realize that the Cable Dude can also be a work hazard.
“Work hazard?” you might ask?
You see, Discount Cable is in the business of undercutting the surrounding Cable companies by offering installs and service for considerably less money. And to further make more money and keep overhead at a minimum, discount services is seriously understaffed with technicians and installers. This means the company assigns a massive overload of jobs to their installers and technicians. To make matters worse, these technicians and installers are very unhappy with their jobs because all of them are contractors. They are temps who are quickly hired during a sudden increase in install demand, and then quickly terminated once there is no longer a need for them. Somehow, the Cable Dude has managed to survive a couple rounds of layoffs. He does this because he knows all the dirty tricks in the business--actually does things half assed to keep up with the work demand and still make it look like a good job. And although he might curse in his mind or under his breath upon looking at the day's route, "Those son of a bitches... What the fuck...? Give me all of this work...? How the fuck do they expect me to do all of this work...? Those jag offs...!" That's what the Cable Dude actually thinks to himself when sorting through the overload of routes for the day. Oh, the Cableman would never say these things! But when The Cable Dude sees the manager of Discount Cable, his secretary, or any of the administratives at the front office who might ask if he could take on more work; he hides those eyes of rage behind his dark utility sunglasses and says with a blank face, "Sure, I can get to those."
He does all of the work for the day. But again, he does them half assed. He does what it takes to run cable to a customer's house; never bothers to check fittings, check splitters, ensure that high quality cable is in the house; and never bothers to see if there is a good signal coming from the outside. He simply plugs the cable in to the tap on the telephone pole, and then runs the cable all the way to the back of the TV. Then he simply says, "There you go!"
Another fine job well done!—so it seems. He collects his money, and then he's off.
Sometimes, though, the Cable Dude works so half assed with slip shoddy workmanship that he injures himself. Why, there he is right now, on a telephone pole. He doesn't even bother to use the proper ladder. Instead, he pulls his van just below the telephone pole; uses an ordinary aluminum fold out paint ladder, and mounts it on the roof of the van. The Cable Dude discovered that it is quicker and easier to access the cable tap on the telephone pole this way. But this practice is highly dangerous! And there he is, up there now, making his connection. The Cableman would never do this!
“Ah, fuck! I forgot my damned cable strippers again.” The Cable Dude reaches into the tool belt. “That's okay; I've got this utility knife. I'll just cut the shielding back on the cable enough like that to expose the center-conductor... that's it... just like that... OOOOOOO! Ouch!!! Damn it!!" The Cable Dude was in so much of a hurry that he wasn't paying attention and deeply sliced into his thumb. "Son of a bitch! Mother fucker!" screams the Cable Dude while standing on top of the fold out ladder on the roof of his van. Oh, if OSHA could see him now! He'd definitely lose his job!
The Cable Dude grabs some tissue that he just so happens to have in his tool belt, and uses some to make a bandage with. Then he seals it shut with electrical tape. This, the Cable Dude hopes, will stop the bleeding so that he can continue working.
The Cable Dude continues cutting the insulation from the cable. But wouldn't you know it? He cut way too much insulation and ground layer off. No problem; once he squeezes the fitting on the end, he uses the electrical tape and wraps a few layers around in  hopes that this provides enough protection from the many months--perhaps years--of weather.
The Cable Dude is just full of the evil opposite of the Cableman. He’s very similar in an evil sort of way, and many people could easily mistake him for the Cableman. Take for example: just like the Cableman, the Cable Dude appears to be in great shape. He works out just like the Cableman and is certainly muscular. But unlike the Cableman, the Cable Dude uses steroids because he believes in cheating and taking shortcuts in life. After all, he's the evil Cableman. He does everyone wrong in comparison to the good Cableman.
It was a Friday afternoon and The Cable Dude was driving through the same jurisdiction of the Cableman; right through the edge of town. See, Discount Cable had built up their own infrastructure that runs along the telephone poles next to the infrastructure of competitor cable companies. This is perfectly legal provided that Discount Cable pays the lease to use the poles. And of course they are not permitted to tamper with other utility companies’ infrastructure.
In the Cableman’s jurisdiction; the Cable Dude was cruising through Jenny Robin's old neighborhood. Remember her? If you recall, she's moved out. She's long gone and a new family has moved in. The Cableman actually returned to this house to reconnect cable for the new home homeowner with a sense of anxiety, expecting to see Jenny Robin. But he was relieved to see it was a new family. But then he was given a new problem: The family’s fourteen year old daughter, Vicky, had a crush on the Cableman. She actually wrote him a small note during the visit, and tried to slip it to him via her little brother Mickey. Fortunately, Vicky's mother intercepted the letter so that the Cableman never got it. But this doesn't mean to say that Vicky no longer has a crush on the Cableman. Actually, she's now in love with him. You see, she's been fantasizing about the Cableman ever since she saw him. And Vicky does have that magickal power that enables her to use wishful thinking to materialize her desires into reality. There have been a few instances in which Vicky was able to encounter the Cableman since he visited her house. So in recent times, Vicky has been fantasizing and wishing to see the Cableman--which she usually does.
On that Friday afternoon, as the Cable Dude (evil Cableman) cruised through her subdivision; Vicky happened to be walking the sidewalk to the park. She thought to herself, "Gee... I wish I could see the Cableman."
At that very moment, a utility van from Discount Cable happened to turn the corner. And there in the driver’s seat was the Cable Dude. “Whoa, check her out!” exclaimed the Cable Dude. “Total jail bait!” He slowed down.
That's when Vicky finally saw him. And as far as she was concerned, it was the Cableman in the driver’s seat. She waved and smiled, so excited to see him.
The Cable Dude slowed down and pulled up next to Vicky. "Hey there!"
"Hi, how have you been?" returned Vicky.
"Not too bad." answered the Cable Dude. "And yourself?"
"I kind of got in trouble last time?” answered Vicky.
"In trouble? What do you mean?” asked the Cable Dud. He was going along with Vicky in hopes to pick her up.
“Well, do you remember that note I was trying to give you?” reminded Vicy.
The Cable dude had to think for a second. It was then that he realized that the young girl thought he was someone else. And whoever this someone else was, the young girl had an overwhelming attraction towards him. The Cable Dude couldn’t miss out on this perfect opportunity. Maybe luck would be in his favor, and he could trick the young girl, enough to be alone with her. Again, he is the evil Cableman. He has no moral conscience--just a very, bad man. "Oh yeah... I remember." acknowledged the Cable Dude. “And what happened?”
“Well my mom took it.” reminded Vicky. “Don’t you remember?”
“Right! I do remember that.” acknowledge the Cable Dude. “What I mean to ask, ‘You actually got in trouble?’'
Vicky nodded her head.
The Cable Dude was most curious of this note. "Well what did it say?"
Vicky shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know... I guess I just wanted to hook up.”
"You wanted to hook up with me?" asked the Cable Dude with a playful smile.
Vicky said nothing, just smiled and returned a "What do you think?" sort of look.
Then the Cable Dude asked, "How old are you?
The Cable Dude explained, “That’s probably why your mom took the letter from you, so that I wouldn’t get it. See, I'm too old for you. At least that's what the law thinks. But you're really serious about hooking up with me, huh?”
Vicky nodded with a smile.
The Cable Dude then made the bold move, “Can you sneak out of your house some time, maybe at night? We can go somewhere and your parents won't be there.”
“Probably…” answered Vicky.
At this point the Cable Dude figured that the young girl was after one thing. But really she wasn't. If you recall, Vicky is an incarnate from one of the higher dimensions of Venus. She understood that the Cableman was a space brother who would be capable of providing her with what was needed to begin her journey on Earth as a space sister. Oh, of course the Cableman was a good looking man. But Vicky wasn't that sort of girl. She wasn't looking for sex with the Cableman, at least not at the moment. But on that particular Friday the Cable Dude assumed that's what Vicky was after.
To be continued…